Tactical Solutions first began making news in 2002 with their lightweight aluminum barrel/receiver assemblies for Ruger’s MkII/III series of pistols. In some cases cutting almost ¾ of a pound off the weight of the pistol, their plug ’n’ play uppers also offered excellent accuracy and a dizzying array of anodized colors to choose from. Since then, they’ve expanded their line to include barrels for the Browning Buckmark, the Ruger 10/22 (for which they also offer a receiver), and now, rimfire and centerfire suppressors.

Suppressor Details
The Cascade, Tactical Solutions’ first silencer, is a traditional muzzle-mounted unit, threaded in the common ½ x 28-pattern. With an aluminum body, it can be had in the same spectrum of colors as their barrel, matte black is standard. Mine came in matte black with the titanium thread insert leaving a dull silver ring around the rear of the can. Although many other suppressors have aluminum or even steel threads, the titanium insert is intended to reduce the likelihood of cross threading, which can destroy aluminum threads, without the added weight of steel. As an unintended consequence, titanium also happens to have a certain “stickiness” to it, which may retard any tendency the suppressor has to unscrew itself from the barrel during a string of fire.

The first expansion chamber through which the bullet passes is likewise constructed of titanium, while the other baffles are steel. At 5.2 inches long, the Cascade is halfway between AWC’s Archangel T suppressor and their artificial environment Titan Three. Outside diameter is the near-universal nominal of an inch, and the inside diameter of the endcap measures a generous 0.287 of an inch. With all things being equal, the larger the passage through which the bullet travels, the less likely you are to have baffle strikes inside the can. The whole package, which is extremely well machined, weighs in at 3.25 ounces.

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Tactical Solutions first began making news in 2002 with their lightweight aluminum barrel/receiver assemblies…