The Taurus 809C, shown here with an ArmaLaser SR2, is the compact version of the excellent 800 series, providing full-sized pistol firepower in an easy-to-handle concealed carry package.

Even before the incredible growth in popularity of civilian concealed carry, compact versions of full-sized pistols were popular. Manufacturers have often released smaller versions of their successful full-sized pistol recognizing the need and desire by many for a smaller gun that had the same ammunition, configuration and controls. In law enforcement, compact versions were and continue to be popular for off-duty or undercover use as well as for on-duty use.

Of course, with more and more civilians carrying concealed, the demand for such compacts has only increased. The Taurus 809SSC 9mm pistol (the SS stands for stainless steel, which is the model received for review) is the newest entry in this arena and is based on Taurus’ 800 Series. A double-action/singe-action (DA/SA) semi-automatic recoil-operated, polymer-framed pistol, it is available in both 9mm and in .40 S&W—the latter is dubbed the 840C. Despite its significantly smaller dimensions it still delivers 12+1 rounds of 9mm or 11+1 of .40 caliber.

The 3-dot Novak sights are easy to pick up. Takedown tabs on either side of the frame make disassembly a straightforward process.

Taurus is not the oldest firearms company around, but through their efforts and commitment to innovation and design they have earned a reputation that is the equal of any of the other names in the gun industry. Starting out in Brazil over 60 years ago as a manufacturer of sturdy double-action revolvers, Taurus started building pistols when they bought a Beretta factory in 1980 and began manufacturing the excellent PT-92 and PT-99. This was a very well made gun, which I am proud to own, and came with a lifetime warranty. The 800 Series is no exception.

A 17-round magazine with wraparound extension is included, which provides the same grip feel as the full-sized 800 pistol.

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