Taurus’ M44SS4 large frame revolver is hammer forged for tough performance and features a ported barrel that reduces muzzle flip and perceived recoil.

It’s been nearly 40 years since Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry Callahan pronounced the .44 Mag, “The world’s most powerful handgun.” It soon lost its title to the .454 Casull and even harder-kicking rounds that later followed.

But unless you’re a masochist with a yen to brace Cape buffalo, elephants or giant Alaskan grizzlies with a revolver, a .44 Mag is all the handgun you really need. Want to hunt deer, elk, pronghorn or moose? This potent, practical cartridge gets the job done with little fuss and bother—provided the range isn’t too long and you place the bullet where it’s supposed to go.

Gun Details
Hammer spur and cylinder release are sharply checkered on the Taurus .44 Mag. Fully adjustable rear sight helped the author get on target, with the white-outline notch enhancing the sight picture.

The Taurus M44SS4 is a thoroughly practical firearm. It’s not one of the featherweight handguns so much in vogue these days. With its 4-inch barrel, this stainless steel revolver tips the scales at a solid 45 ounces.
You’ll appreciate every ounce when you fire full-house magnum loads. You’ll also be glad Taurus installed eight ports—four on either side of the front sight—along with a gas expansion chamber. These are designed to reduce muzzle flip and dampen felt recoil.

The Patridge-style front sight measures 1/8 of an inch in width and rides atop an elevated ramp with an eye-catching fluorescent orange insert embedded its face. The rear sight is fully click-adjustable for windage and elevation. The square-sighting notch has a thin, white outline to make aiming easier.
You’ll definitely feel this .44’s comforting heft when it’s holstered on your belt. Concealed carry is possible if you wear the Model 44SS4 in an under-the-arm shoulder holster and cover it with a jacket. There’s no other practical way to hide this big .44 Mag on your person—the gun is far too bulky to carry inside your waistband. Ideally, it belongs on a sturdy holster worn on a wide, heavy-duty belt designed to support the gun’s weight.

Unlike Taurus’ popular line of Tracker Revolvers, which features heavy, triangular barrel shrouds with ports that would do a Buick proud, the Model 44SS4 has conventional, if somewhat beefy lines. No frills or fancy fillips, this classically styled handgun looks like a traditional revolver. It’s pure, utilitarian practicality.

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