Chris Bird, the author of Thank God I Had A Gun, has been a police reporter and is certified in Texas as a concealed-handgun instructor. His expertise in both of these areas uniquely qualifies him to write about violent encounters between criminals and the armed citizen. His first book, The Concealed Handgun Manual, is now in its fourth printing and has sold over 40,000 copies. In this book, Bird examines in detail 14 incidents in which the armed citizen manages a confrontation. As a result of his thorough reporting, you will find a wealth of information you can use to enhance your own personal security plan. From pre-incident planning, to tactics, to ammo selection, it is all here. I have selected two of these stories, which really emphasize this point.

“Remember New Orleans,” Vinnie Pervel:
We all probably have our own accounts of what Katrina did, not only to the city of New Orleans, but also to the psyche of America as well. Many of us watched bits and pieces of this catastrophe on TV and were stunned by the fact that nothing worked at the local, state and federal level. The only visible reminder of the fact that under such conditions Americans usually rally, come together and take charge of getting their lives back in order was the magnificent rescue effort conducted by the men and women of the US Coast Guard.

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Chris Bird, the author of Thank God I Had A Gun, has been a…