As is my practice, I usually show up well ahead of class time to scout out the territory and to get squared away for the opening day’s activities. However, when I drove into the parking lot I immediately knew something was different. At 0730 hours it was almost full and I had to park farther “up range.” I also spotted a prefabricated building, which turned out to be the Academy director and instructor’s new lair, and the “L” shaped impact area was populated with a small army of reactive steel targets that stood silent watch over the “New” SIG SAUER Academy. I had been to the Academy several times both as an instructor and while participating in a couple of gun writer seminars, but as I dismounted from my rental car, the energy that the place was emoting was palpable. Already scurrying around SIG SAUER’s kinetic campus were US Coast Guard Port Security Teams, Federal Air Marshals, police officers and civilians.

sig-sauer-academy.jpgWith a much larger cadre of permanent staff and 52 world-class adjunct instructors on tap, school Director George Harris and his subject matter experts offer an unprecedented number of courses at Entry, Intermediate and Advanced levels and courses specifically designed for the Armed Professional. What makes the Academy unique these days is that only a few Tier One level capable institutions provide advanced instruction for civilians, because most are focusing on the more lucrative and higher volume of military and war contractor training.

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As is my practice, I usually show up well ahead of class time to scout…