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I was working the midnight shift at a one-man gas station. The glare of the lights makes it hard to see much past the driveway edge.

Fortunately, I happened to be looking out of the office window that way and observed a car letting a man out. As he got to within 40 feet, he broke into a run right for the door, and I saw something gleaming in his right hand.

I have had numerous robbery attempts, cuttings or shots fired at me in previous years, so my one hand went instantly for the larger (.380) of the two guns I always carry, and my other hand for the backup knife I also have. By the time he burst through the unlocked door and I had plastered myself against the office wall, I could see it was a knife he had in his hand.

My first shot took one inch of bone out of his right leg, the second smashed his knife hand. I took the chance of non-lethal shots because the distance was now 10 feet, and he had been slowed a bit, turning through the door. Plus, I had killed a felon two robbery attempts back, and did not want to appear “mean” to the media, which is every gunowner’s nightmare.

The police arrived, and it went well with them. They seemed to appreciate it that I had kept my other 19 shots in reserve.

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Editor’s Note: Combat Handguns pays $100 for each “It Happened To Me!” letter that…