Let’s take a look at a competition speed holster from Ted Blocker Holsters, a pancake-style holster from Galco International, and an inside-the-pants concealment holster from High Noon Holsters.

ted-blocker2.jpgTed Blocker TNT
Nearly 30 years ago Ted Blocker achieved a reputation for top quality and state-of-the-art design speed rigs with his competition rig endorsed and used by shooting legends Mickey Fowler and Mike Dalton. While other holster makers have gone on to produce holsters that consist of open frame metal or rigid synthetic brackets that hold the pistol in place at one’s hip, Ted Blocker Holsters produces a top grade cowhide low riding holster, their TNT (Training And Target). The steel-lined wraparound pouch has the seam down the front edge to form a sight tunnel. The front lip is cut down to the front edge of the pistol’s ejection port, and the pouch fully encloses the triggerguard to prevent premature access to the trigger when drawing a cocked and locked M1911-style pistol. A separate steel-lined drop shank provides the necessary clearance from the shooter’s hip, allowing a full shooting grip with a fast grab for the pistol. The steel lining allows one to adjust the shank for the desired body clearance. A tunnel belt loop sized for a 1-3/4-inch wide gun belt secures on the back side with dual heavy-duty screw post binders. By loosening these binders one can easily position the holster on the belt. Once positioned correctly for the individual shooter, tightening the binders locks the holster securely in place. I will be keeping this Ted Blocker Holsters TNT speed holster for use with my favorite Wilson Combat tuned Colt .45ACP.

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