TJ’s Custom P245 easily lived up to the expectations of what a custom combat pistol should be. It was enhanced exactly where it needed to be, with the overall approach being enhancement rather than redesign.

Many shooters ask the question: if I buy a quality, relatively expensive handgun, why should I spend more money on customization? The answer is simple—to make it ideal. Production firearms are designed and made to fit certain quality and price points dictated by the market. Even the most reputable manufacturers of quality hardware need to sell a minimum quantity of a given model at a set price or else discontinue making it. The goal is to beat the competition within the market segment sold to, not make the “perfect” handgun. The result is products made to satisfy the average user in a particular market. In contrast, custom gunsmiths are for shooters who want to pay for higher quality, additional features, or modifications that make the pistol better suited to their own preferences. To make a pistol that fits perfectly, you need to go custom.

The grip of the pistol was improved by adding Grit-Grip tape to the frontstrap. Note the custom Hogue wood grips with dragon checkering.

TJ’s Custom Gunworks performs custom work on handguns and specializes in the Sig Sauer Classic Series. Classic Series pistols are metal-frame centerfires. As with most custom pistolsmiths, every aspect of custom work is done by the owner, TJ Jimakas. TJ started customizing Sig Sauer pistols in about 1984 when the P220 was first imported. Twenty-five years later, it’s fair to say he has a leg up because of his experience gained by working on about 3,600+ Sig Sauers.

The rear hammer on the custom P245 has been bobbed and Teflon-coated for snag-free draws and better concealment.

My sample pistol was a lightly customized .45 ACP Sig Sauer P245, but for those seeking a pistol with panache, TJ can build race guns and offers a wide array of conventional and some radical finishes like tiger stripe, zebra and marble.

TJ replaced the stock trigger with one that is more narrow and curved to enhanced triggerpull for an accurate first shot fired in double-action mode.

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TJ’s Custom P245 easily lived up to the expectations of what a custom combat…