Practice what you preach. We’ve all heard this advice. If you have been reading this magazine for any length of time you will know that I do a fair amount of teaching and instructing. Shooting skills, particularly when it comes to shooting both fast and accurately, are perishable. The longer you wait between practice sessions, the rustier your skills will become. I have both heard and passed on that guidance for at least two decades.

glock172.jpgLately I am instructing full time. Like most readers, I own a number of firearms: some for hunting, some for sport, and, of course, others are kept for defensive/duty purposes. I found that what I needed was a pistol that would be first and foremost a training tool. At present my number one defensive pistol is a Glock 23, so choosing a Glock for a trainer was not a difficult decision. My next question was which model?

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