There is no doubt that the best money you’ll ever spend is to go to a course taught at one of the big name firearms schools. The problem is, especially these days, it is an expensive undertaking. We also know that a good many people who keep a firearm in the home for self-protection, may never have any formal training. Likewise many lawfully armed citizens who choose to carry a concealed handgun may not receive any further training after completing the CCW requirements for their state. Some will join a club or group that allows them the opportunity for the necessary practice. However, they soon realize there is still a lot to learn and there is only so much time they can devote to the range. This is the natural void that books and DVDs fill. I have come to believe that a book can help with the learning process but a good DVD can provide both training and education. And I can assure you that the new Thunder Ranch DVDs are first rate.

survsavvv1.jpgI have known Clint Smith since his Gunsite days, where he served as operations officer. I first met him there in 1981, when I attended a General Rifle course. I kept track of Clint and his involvement in a variety of training programs but I didn’t see him again until 1995, when I attended his Home and Vehicle Defense Course at Thunder Ranch in Texas. Clint has a habit of moving after one of our infrequent visits and this was to be no exception. As everyone now knows, Thunder Ranch is now in Oregon. To state the obvious, since Clint has been teaching people how to shoot, how to defend themselves and, most importantly, how to avoid having to use deadly force for about 30 years, he speaks with authority. He is not into fads. The cornerstone of his training is logic, (defined as) rock-solid common sense.

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