The ArmaLaser Small Block system securely attaches to the pistol’s frame and automatically senses the shooter’s trigger finger to activate.

Most pocket pistols are not designed to be target guns, and their sights are usually small and rudimentary. The reality is that these guns are designed to be used at close quarters in unpleasant and hazardous situations. They offer what most consider to be the minimum level of personal protection in a pistol, but what they lack in power they make up for in convenience.

It is hardly surprising that the growing trend towards laser sights has found its way to the pocket pistol market. For the past five years, ArmaLaser has been a leader in finding innovative solutions to the challenge of fitting these devices on such sub-compact pistols. ArmaLaser is now going one better and including a free DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster or leather Don Hume holster—each designed to hold your gun with the laser attached, and all for under $120. Laser units are available to fit eight different pistol models from Kel-Tec, Glock, Taurus, Springfield (XD), Kahr and Ruger (LCP). Plus, they will soon be offering the option of green lasers for those who prefer them.

DeSantis (shown here) and Don Hume both make high-quality pocket and belt holsters to custom fit pistols equipped with the ArmaLaser system.

The most distinctive feature of the ArmaLaser unit is that it turns itself on when you need it and off when you don’t—no buttons, levers, or switches needed. It starts with how the laser attaches to the gun, as ArmaLaser solves the issue of the lack of an accessory rail by having the unit attach directly to the front of the triggerguard. It also uses the indentation between the top front of the triggerguard and the frame as an anchor point. Finally, steel braces on either side of the unit secure it firmly to the frame.

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The ArmaLaser Small Block system securely attaches to the pistol’s frame and automatically senses…