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The Webster’s Dictionary defines the word plethora as “an overabundance.” This is the word that came to my mind as I walked the aisles of the 2007 SHOT Show and looked at all of the companies making 1911 pistols. Industry insiders tell me that it is easier to manufacture a proven design than to go through the time and expense to create something new. After all, a proven design saves a great deal of R&D efforts. I admit that I don’t know if this is true, but it does seem to me that we are seeing a large number of 1911s these days. As for me, when going in harm’s way I’ll always go with something I know will work. For this same reason, I don’t mind paying more if the added expense can be justified as necessary. It’s just that the whole justification thing can be difficult to substantiate as it relates to me and many of the folks who are reading this magazine and our desire to part with our hard-earned cash.

unertl11.jpgOne of the new faces in what I call the “1911 wars” is Unertl Ordnance. Best known for their high-end sporting and tactical scopes, including the 10x Tactical Scope that was the USMC standard for many years, Unertl offers a small line of high grade, custom level 1911s. Like many companies, they were quite interested in the U.S. Military’s Joint Services Pistol Trials and so they created a model (the MEU-SOC 1911) for inclusion into this program. Unfortunately, the program has now been suspended for various reasons, but that has not stopped Unertl from expanding their product line beyond their original gun. Their most recent addition is the subject of the article.

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The Webster’s Dictionary defines the word plethora as “an overabundance.” This is the word…