Many people find that the ankle carry mode is very well suited for particular situations, such as when you are seated in a car or when carry of a gun on the waist is not practical.

Of all the ways to carry a concealed firearm, ankle carry is one of the most unusual. But while carrying a gun on your ankle may not be the most traditional location, for some it’s quite practical. Before you walk out of your residence with a gun strapped to your ankle, you had better understand the pros and cons of this peculiar carry method.

While concealing a gun on your ankle is easy while standing, one needs to be cautious not to reveal the gun when in a seated position.

Equipment Selection
Size, weight and reliability are the three most critical criteria for a gun that will be worn on your ankle. A snubnosed revolver chambered in either .38 Special or .357 Magnum is sensible choice for ankle carry. Not only are “snubbies” relatively lightweight and compact, they epitomize reliability. When you are going for an ankle gun, the last things you need to worry about is wondering whether the gun will go bang when you pull the trigger.

A snubnosed revolver, like the Taurus Model 605 .357 Magnum, is an excellent choice for ankle carry when paired with a high-quality holster like this BlackHawk! Ankle Holster Model 00.

A quality firearm must be paired with a holster that’s durable enough to secure the gun, not only during routine walking but also running, jumping and even fighting. The holster must be able to comfortably attach to your leg because if it’s not comfortable, chances are, you won’t wear it. I prefer holsters that attach to both the ankle and upper calf because of the added security and consistent orientation of the gun. If your holstered gun is sliding around on your ankle, you’re setting yourself up for a slow, clumsy draw.

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Many people find that the ankle carry mode is very well suited for particular…