This is a little bit like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with the Walther P99 as the papa bear, the PPK/S as the baby bear and the new PPS (Police Pistol Slim) being the one in the middle, the one that’s “just right.” Of course, it would be better from this point on, if Goldilocks were James Bond.

walther21.jpgAlthough there are no plans as yet for the next Bond film to have 007 exchange his hefty P99 for the newer, lighter, narrower and more concealable PPS 9mm (we asked). In the Bond tradition, it would be natural for 007 to carry a lighter, more concealable gun, and the PPS fills the bill nicely. Though neither as elegant in proportions as a PPK, nor as menacing as the P99, the PPS is an ideal size and caliber, though not one worthy of admiration for appearances, which resemble the offspring of a Glock 26 and Smith & Wesson SW990.

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