“Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it” is a phrase that was popular in the old west. This often repeated phrase was learned through bitter experiences by those who survived various life and death situations while on the frontier. When you read histories of the early pioneers, either in the east or west, it is surprising how many folks living in dangerous circumstances would leave their rifle or pistol in the cabin when they went out to tend the crops or livestock.

tactics.jpgThese people knew that they lived in a dangerous environment. From time to time they would have neighbors or family members fall victim to bandits, Indians, or wild animals. Yet they would grow complacent about their personal safety and well being, because everything had been quiet and peaceful for a long time, and danger seemed remote. Besides, that rifle or handgun was a nuisance to carry all day long and just got in the way when doing chores. They would fall into the habit of leaving it in the cabin, or leaning against a tree at the far end of the field while they worked. If and when that unlucky day arrived when that weapon was desperately needed, it would not be there.

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