We all have knowledge of “the bad part of town,” you know, that place on the other side of the tracks, the place you hear about on the news and read about in the newspaper. It’s there. We just tend to look the other way most of the time and steer clear of its uncertainties. There are, however, times we will find ourselves either traveling through or having business there. With our best effort, we can try to avoid having to experience a robbery-in-progress, drive-by shooting or a gas station hold-up. We will most likely travel through these areas, so we should take a few precautions and maintain the right mindset to deal with these situations if they were to occur.

When stopped, keep enough distance between your front bumper and the car ahead of you in case you have to pull away quickly. Keep car doors locked and windows up to prevent easy access from carjackers or overzealous panhandlers. Don’t allow expensive or “smash and grab” items to be easily viewed. Avoid giving any temptation. Watch for diversion tactics, such as someone averting your attention while the other smashes your window in attempt to hold you at gunpoint and rob you. Never take unnecessary risks, like rolling your window down to ask for directions or to answer a peddler trying to hustle jewelry. Constantly check mirrors for suspicious activity. Keep your handgun easily accessible, such as tucked under your leg opposite your dominant hand. Keep it ready for deadly force. An unchambered gun can cost seconds, seconds that could cost you your life. Keep a low exposure time, keep moving.

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We all have knowledge of “the bad part of town,” you know, that place…