Nearly 59,000 shooting, hunting, tactical and law-enforcement professionals from across the country gathered in Las Vegas for the 30th annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show to inspect the latest and most innovative gear for their varied departments. The SHOT Show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, showcased a comprehensive array of specialized gear not only for hunters and shooters, but also a growing number of police and military personnel charged with outfitting and equipping their tactical teams, officers or warfighters.

What follows are some of the most intriguing high-tech products that caught the eye of staff attending the show.


VariCom Sleep System, Bivy Meets Military’s Demands
Slumberjack’s VariCom System is a state-of-the-art, five-part sleep system offering a temperature rating between 30ºF to -30ºF for today’s warfighters, who often find themselves in harsh conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan where freezing nights often follow scorching days.

The system includes the VariCom Bivy, which keeps operators dry in up to 2 inches of water. It also uses a stuffable, patent-pending Delrin® hoop to keep mesh away from the face, enhancing ventilation and comfort in wet or buggy conditions. The Bivy measures 35 by 86 inches and weighs 2 pounds.
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Mossberg Debuts Taser X12 Less-Lethal Shotgun
xrep-projectile-in-flight.gifThe Taser X12 Less-Lethal Shotgun by Mossberg is a fully integrated and optimized for the Taser XREP extended Range Electronic Projectile, nearly doubling the effective range of the Taser X26. In addition, a Picatinny Rail system with the Taser X-Rail mount pre-installed still allows the user to attach the Taser X26 Electronic Control Device for close-quarters work.

The shotgun’s proprietary Radial Ammunition Key technology prevents the system from accepting lethal 12-gauge rounds. The gun is based on the Mil-Spec certified Mossberg 500 platform, and its barrel features 1-in-18 twist rifling to stabilize the low-velocity projectiles.
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Brunton Delivers Portable Solar Power
The SOLO 3.4, 7.5 and 15.0 portable power packs use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries to provide power wherever and whenever it’s needed. The Solo can operate a variety of electronics with output options of 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-volt DC converter, and 110-volt. When fully charged – via electrical outlets or with Brunton solar panels — the waterproof, recyclable SOLO can operate laptops, TVs, radios, air-pumps or cell phones for hours with the potential for nearly unlimited power capacity.
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Gerber Concertina Wire Cutter
Gerber Legendary Blades designed this lightweight Concertina Cutter to allow its operator to use just one hand to slice through heavy-duty wire, including concertina. The cutter’s unique, hardened jaws are manufactured from specialty tool steel and finished in black matte.

In addition, its spring-loaded handles snap open to allow continuous one-handed use, and the handles themselves feature cushion grips. Visit Gerber at

Lorpen PrimaLoft Heavyweight Socks
The Lorpen PrimaLoft heavyweight sock is a mid-calf, heavyweight design by Lorpen North America Inc. It’s made with PrimaLoft yarn, a blend of PrimaLoft fibers and merino wool that offers superior wicking and drying to ensure warmth and comfort. The socks’ heel and toe areas are cushioned and reinforced.

This sock is 10 percent Lycra to ensure the socks keep their shape and fit longer than any stretch nylon. Other features include an extra flat toecap mesh to eliminate ridges that hurt toes after extended wear, and Lorpen’s multiple density knit (MDK), for optimum cushioning, moisture control and comprehensive fit.
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Point-of-View Video Built for Action
The POV.1 from Video In and Out captures hands-free digital video/audio from the user’s point of view, allowing the lens to be mounted to headgear, firearms, robots, ballistic shields, or vehicles to accurately document critical incidents.

The lightweight POV.1 can also be worn inconspicuously on a vest, duty belt or turnout gear. Its miniature wireless remote can be used within a 10-foot radius of the POV.1. Its ease of use allows effective communication sharing from operations to command, officer to district attorney and district attorney to jury.
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Tactical Electronics’ Wireless Pole Camera
The PCSS1 wireless pole camera provides ultimate safety and flexibility for tactical teams because its wireless technology, multiple quick-change extension poles, and flexible rotating camera heads eliminate the need for battery belt packs and external cables that get in the way during tense situations.

This lightweight pole camera is durable and in use worldwide by the FBI, SWAT and explosive ordnance disposal teams. Its camera head is waterproof and its .6-pound quick-connect extension poles measure 20 inches each.
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CROSSTECH Fabric Stops Blood-Borne Pathogens
The new CROSSTECH Footwear Fabric from Gore-Tex protects tactical teams against pathogens carried in blood, body fluids, water and common chemicals while still allowing sweat to escape, thus providing the same comfort available in boots for firefighting and emergency medical professionals.

CROSSTECH Fabrics can be used in footwear using other fabrics and leather, or combinations of both, in boot uppers. Visit W.L. Gore & Associates at


SPOT Satellite Messenger Allows Remote Communications
spot-head-on-view.gif The SPOT Satellite Messenger uses the GPS satellite network to determine the user’s location and the SPOT network to transmit that information to friends, family or emergency service personnel. SPOT, a subsidiary of Globalstar Inc., provides lifesaving communications technology that allows users to communicate from remote locations around the world.

It features four key functions that allow users to alert 9-1-1 their exact location, request help from friends or family, check in to pinpoint your location and let people know you’re OK, or track your progress and allow others to chart your movements by using Google Maps.
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Tactical Surveillance System from Zistos Corp.
The Tactical Surveillance System allows tactical teams to see into rooms, under doors, down dark alleys and alongside doors or draped windows.

The system includes a video monocle for helmets, an under-the-door camera, dual-mode thermal camera, ultra low light covert camera, and a video scope with a 4-way remote articulating tip for 360-degree panning.
The active end of the camera is 6 millimeters thick and fits under most doors, and includes audio and infrared illumination. If the gap is too tight for the camera, a small air jack can be inserted and inflated with a squeeze bulb.
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LaserLyte Introduces Picatinny L-Rail Accessory
The L-Rail Picatinny Adapter allows countless accessories such as lights or laser sights to be mounted beneath firearms. Simply slide the mount onto the pistol rail and tighten the mounting screws. The L-Rail can be mounted for right- or left-hand shooters, and accessories can be mounted on the side or bottom of the rail.
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TEA Offers Invisio Bone-Mic Headset
The Invisio Bone-Mic Headset from Television Equipment Associates is so small and efficient that the entire headset fits inside the user’s ear. Invisio’s bone-whisper mic and speaker are contained in a custom or universal earmold, and it will not interfere with gasmasks, helmets or SCBA breathers.

This unit is ideal for special forces, explosive-ordnance disposal, HAZMAT, SWAT or firefighting teams. The mic’s intelligibility is comparable to boom microphones, and it’s not affected by high ambient noise.
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freemotionproductpic.gifFreelinc Wireless FreeMotion 200 Mic and Headset
Freelinc’s FreeMotion 200 is a wireless headset with a swiveling earpiece, push-to-talk button on the headset, and a microphone that delivers clear sound quality by using Near-field magnetic induction technology for wireless connections with all Freelinc products.

Magnetic induction provides superior mobility, security, safety and long battery life over typical radio frequency-based solutions. Magnetic energy provides superior communication when operating in close-quarters to ensure privacy and security, as well as power efficiency and immunity to interference.
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Con-Space’s SRVA Offers Accessories for Portable Radios
Con-Space developed the SRVA voice amplifier and push-to-talk radio accessory to allow users to speak at normal levels while wearing full-face or half-mask respiratory protection.

The device can be used with any of Con-Space’s full line of Armoury accessories to facilitate voice communication in a wide range of applications, including nuclear suits, clean rooms, riot squads, explosive-ordnance disposal, mass decontamination and drug-lab takedowns.

The unit operates with virtually any make or model of portable radio. Visit Con-Space Communications at

Temco Communications Offers Band-Aid Headset
sk1-t.gif The SK1A-01 Band Aid Headset from Temco Communications is a low-profile, waterproof, bone-conduction headset that’s worn in front of the ear and held in place by medical adhesive tape, just like a band-aid.

This low-profile unit allows the operator to maintain communications without blocking the ears. The headset can be used for tactical, chem-bio, surveillance work or other applications. Visit Temco at


Wiley X Goggles Offer Protection Under Fire
Wiley X offers five models of highly protective goggles for tactical use by police and military teams. These goggles can be customized with day and night lenses, and feature temples for ballistic-sunglass conversion.
Wiley X goggles feature shatterproof lenses, durable Ultra-Foam and Foil anti-fog technology, which combine to aid visibility while protecting wearers under fire. Their streamlined design and dual-pivot strap provides comfort over or under any helmet.
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Hellfly Ballistic Sunglass Delivers Versatile Protection
The new Hellfly Ballistic Sunglass from Revision Military Eyewear protects the wearer’s eyes from dangerous fragments and everyday environmental elements. Hellfly exceeds the military’s high-impact requirements, as well as the ANSI Z87.1 standard for impact and optics.

The Hellfly’s lenses feature silicate and titanium dioxide coatings for operating under any light condition, and provide sharp visual contrast with great style. The hard-coated lenses are made of optical polycarbonate to ensure visual clarity with 100 percent UV protection and maximum scratch resistance. The wrap-around design provides a wide field-of-view while protecting against harmful rays, wind, dust and unexpected fragments.
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Avalon Safety Eyewear by De’Vons Optics Inc.
The Avalon (3661DM) model of safety eyewear is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate material, which exceeds the ANSI Z87+ standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact protection. This stylish safety glass, with its extra wrap-around design, provides superior coverage. Its temples feature rubber tips for a comfortable fit.

For more information on the Avalon or other De’Vons Optics eyewear, visit Coppermax Sports Eyewear at


EyeSights by Live Eyewear Enhance Safety
EyeSights glasses by Live Eyewear use a high-performance protective glass to provide superb optical performance and complete eye protection. The lightweight ballistic nylon frames are available in graphite or woodland camouflage.

Each frame comes with a protective case and interchangeable lens sets: safety clear, low-light contrast-enhancing yellow, true color definition smoke, and high-contrast orange. Tested and certified under the strict guidelines of the ANSI Z87.1-2003 impact safety standard, EyeSights provide the most complete eye protection available.
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