Advanced Armament Corporation, AAC, has established a reputation for pushing the “innovation envelope.” Last year, AAC, in partnership with Remington, designed a .30-caliber cartridge for the M4 platform. The .300 AAC Blackout met several key requirements, including using the standard M4/M16 bolt assembly and magazine. In less than 18 months, the cartridge has been SAAMI approved, manufactured, and is in the hands of users. In the process, it has also attracted the attention of law enforcement and military units.

The .300 AAC BLK cartridge was specifically developed for the CQB environment and suppressed use. The subsonic 220-grain load offers significant improvement in terminal ballistics over traditional 9mm loads. The .300 AAC Blackout also gives the user the option of using the 125-grain supersonic match ammunition for engagements at extended ranges, something the 9mm round does not have.

AAC recently introduced the Honey Badger, a new Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) in .300 AAC BLK. The Honey Badger was developed at the request of the Special Operations community to replace the HK MP5 and MP7 platforms for CQB and other low-profile operations. The goal was to develop a PDW with increased lethality while maintaining the approximate dimensions and suppressed signature of the HK MP5SD. The Honey Badger met or exceeded these requirements. In fact, the suppressed Honey Badger is as quiet to the ear as a MP5SD.


The Honey Badger is based on a M4 upper and lower receiver that was designed by AAC and features a 6-inch barrel that is surrounded by a free-float handguard and rail. A new reflex suppressor and stock were also developed for the project. The stock is similar to the HK MP5 in that the two side rails travel in slots machined into the upper receiver. Using a shorter buffer tube further reduces the overall length as well.

Sources confirm that three other companies also submitted rifles for consideration. While two of the companies wish to remain anonymous, we can confirm that LWRCI submitted an 8-inch direct impingement rifle, also in .300 AAC BLK.

For help with learning why the PDW earned the name it has, check YouTube. Look for a full review on both the Honey Badger and the LWRCI rifle in a future issue of Tactical Weapons magazine.

For More Information: Advanced Armament Corporation; 770-925-9988

BARREL: 6 inches
WEIGHT: 6.5 pounds (empty)
STOCK: Collapsible
ACTION: Semi-auto

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