Traveling the country and attending and covering firearms training has offered me a rather unique perspective, and I’m not tied to any particular doctrine or dogma. The training principles do differ from place to place, but on the whole they are more similar than they are not. What’s unique to a training course often has more to do with marketing than substance. There are only so many ways you can manipulate a rifle.
Firearms training is limited to the current firearms and the humans who shoot them. This fact leads many into mostly academic arguments over things that have little or nothing to do with the application of a shooting technique, arguments that I like to refer to as “subject over substance.” Unfortunately, this can mislead new shooters and limit their training environment. To me, the more tools and techniques you have, the better. Whether you “need” them or not is up to you, the fight and what you bring to win it.

Tactical Reload:
Lets start with the tactical reload. My best description for it is “loading your loaded rifle.” You remove a partially loaded magazine and insert one that is fully loaded. It is a tactic as much as a technique, hence the name. Developed initially as a pistol tactic, mostly for single-stack weapons, the tactical reload has spread to rifles and just about every other firearm, including revolvers. It is something you choose to do given the situation.

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