During a trip to Barrett for an armorer’s school, a new PDW in 5.56mm was mentioned. Having worked entry a bit, short entry-type weapons are always of interest to me. So, I made a heartfelt request to get the REC7 PDW as soon as possible. Thanks to Angela at Barrett Firearms, that request was fulfilled just last week in the form of a complete upper receiver. I quickly mated it with my Colt M16 lower and put it to the test.


The Barrett REC7 is a piston-driven system with an adjustable gas system to facilitate suppression. Luckily, an OSS suppressor was still around, as well as my well-tested Jet Suppressor from Mike’s Gun Sales and Service. Making these short-barreled versions is difficult at best—especially with a suppressor—so this test was going to be interesting. Without a can, they are loud and can deafen people nearby, so suppressor capability is a nice thing to have.


Two solid days were spent with this rifle, mostly on select-fire. It was tested both suppressed and unsuppressed. The results were quite surprising to me for sure. Take a quick look at my video to get an idea of how it worked, and take the time to read my upcoming article in Special Weapons for Military & Police for all the details.

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During a trip to Barrett for an armorer’s school, a new PDW in 5.56mm…