There are a plethora of options for attaching tactical flashlights to pistols and AR-15 rifles, but the field is very limited when it comes to mounting lights on shotguns. This is unfortunate for a few reasons. First, most police gunfights are in reduced light, making the use of illumination a critical aspect of weapon choice and tactics. Second, according to a recent survey, the shotgun is still used by the vast majority of police agencies and continues to fill certain tactical roles (e.g. breaching, less than lethal) that AR-15 rifles and sub machine guns do not. Finally, shotguns are much more lethal than AR-15s and sub guns within their range and offer greater hit probability when used with the proper ammunition.

LET THERE BE LIGHT: The BeamLokr SG12 is an effective, easy-to-use and inexpensive method to mount a 1-inch-diameter flashlight to a 12 gauge shotgun barrel. The SG12 is made in America, is constructed using high-strength plastic, and is held to the barrel by eight industrial-strength magnets with 26 pounds of attachment force. The SG12 will not scratch the barrel because the metallic magnets do not actually touch it. Instead, they float a few thousands of an inch above.

The SG12 is adaptable for multiple uses and flashlight brands. It does not use clamps that surround the barrel, so it can be mounted in almost any position where it will fit. It’s even possible to mount two SG12s on opposing sides of the barrel to use a laser and flashlight or two flashlights for even more illumination. The SG12 can also be removed without the use of tools and comfortably used with a mounted flashlight as a handheld unit, or attached to a different shotgun. I personally like to carry a flashlight mounted in an SG12 on my duty belt for hand use, but with the ability to quickly mount it on my shotgun. The magnets also allow the SG12 to attach to metallic objects such as pipes and railings to provide illumination when a task requires you to use two hands.

DUTY-READY: Flashlights that fit the SG12 are readily available in a wide variety of price ranges from many different makers. This means that officers who are issued different types of 1-inch flashlights can all use the SG12. That makes sense from a budget standpoint. BeamLokr has tested the SG12 with a variety of 12 gauge loads including magnums and found that it stays in place during recoil or migrates forward very minimally.

Because it is a light mount rather than a sighting device, movement of the flashlight during firing is not an issue with respect to maintaining your shotgun’s zero. However, be sure to assess any change in point of impact when using a shotgun with the SG12 compared to one without it. Though the SG12 is designed for 12 gauge shotgun barrels, BeamLokr says that it can mount securely on other firearms, including bul- barrel Ruger MK-III pistols and various rifles. MSRP is $39.95.

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