For those competitors who demand the ultimate race pistol, STI International delivers with the STI Grandmaster. Incorporating unique features with patented 2011 technology and Trubor compensated barrel, the STI Grandmaster is a race ready factory pistol with custom pistol distinctiveness.

Built on the patented modular steel frame with a blue polymer grip, the STI Grandmaster utilizes the Trubor compensated barrel. The Trubor is designed to eliminate misalignment of the barrel and compensator bore or movement of the compensator along the barrel threads, giving the shooter a more consistent performance and reduced muzzle flip.

stiguns.gifThe Grandmaster slide has classic scalloped sides, STI saber-tooth rear cocking serrations, flat top and slide lightening along the rear of the slide. Additional enhancements include STI’s RecoilMaster guide rod system, STI stainless steel magazine well, stainless steel ambidextrous safeties, stainless steel high rise grip safety, and hard chrome finish with color inlay in the engraving.

Built with custom features, the Legacy incorporates function and beauty. Manufactured from high quality parts like bar-stock slides, forged frames and match grade barrels, the Legacy will out perform your expectations. Additionally, the Legacy has cosmetic features that make this pistol visually appealing. The flat top slide with STI diamond LPI, a master line that runs the length of the slide and polished sides of the slide make the Legacy a work of art.
One of the Legacy highlights is the physical vapor deposition finish. Every steel part on the Legacy is completely coated including the barrel. PVD provides an extremely hard finish that will produce years of protection against rust, corrosion, and holster wear.

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