Daniel Defense has always been on the cutting edge of every aspect of the AR world. Some of the most widely used ARs are built with Daniel Defense’s proven parts. Their attention to detail, build quality and laser focus on reliability keeps them at the top. State-of-the-art manufacturing using the best methods and processes currently available keeps them at the fore. Many custom rifle builders, enthusiasts, manufacturers and pro-fessionals exclusively utilize Daniel Defense forends, barrels and small parts.

It is easy to forget they build some of the finest AR rifles you can get. Committed to excellence, Daniel Defense has produced rifles that are legendary for their reliable operation under the harshest conditions. A constant relationship with operators means changes are made that enhance current models with a focus on usability, function and real-world reliability. The newest editions this year are no exception and maintain that legacy while featuring some revolutionary additions.

The DDM4ISR 300 raises the bar with its integrated suppressor mounted to a 10.3-inch S2W barrel chambered for the 300 AAC Blackout. This caliber is proving to be a real winner for hunters, operators and officers alike. Suppressed models maintain accuracy, foul less and avoid most of the problems associated with 5.56mm SBRs. Effective 30 caliber terminal ballistics, coupled with precision accuracy, provide the perfect combination.

The 300 AAC Blackout may be one of the most effectively suppressed calibers available in the AR platform, especially in a short-barreled rifle. Daniel Defense’s latest addition is a real winner. The DDM4ISR, coupled with Daniel Defense’s proven lower and mil-spec internals, is ready for the harshest action. Quiet, efficient and easily maintained it is well suited for enthusiast and professional alike. Purchased as an upper alone, a single transfer tax is required to allow for installation on any compatible AR lower. This provides a simple conversion while saving expenses and the time requirement for a standalone suppressor. The DDM4ISR 300 provides the latest cartridge-and-suppressor combination in a simple and reliable package.

The DDM4V4 short-barreled rifle was developed for users looking for a short barrel in the 5.56mm or 300 Blackout chambering. The proven DDM4 lower receiver is mated to an 11.5-inch, cold-hammer-forged, government-profile barrel. Rifles in this barrel length are some of the most popular amongst the law enforcement community. Thanks in part to its covered low-profile gas block, the DDM4 is perfectly configured for CQB or any other practical application in an urban environment. An RISII rail measuring 9 inches provides state-of-the-art rail space, with a patented mounting system ensuring the best possible accuracy. Perfectly suited to suppressor use, it maintains a short and usable platform when mated to a high-quality rifle suppressor. For those looking for a proven reliable rifle with an 11.5-inch barrel the DDM4V4 SBR is the perfect choice.

Built tomeet the rigorous standards of USSOCOM, Daniel Defense’s SOCOM M4A1 is truly mil-spec. Mated to a DDM4 lower, the upper uses a 14.5-inch, cold-hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel with an M4 profile. The gun’s carbine port and MK12 low-profile gas block ensure reliability under the harshest conditions. The bolt carrier group has a properly staked gas key and is high-pressure tested, magnetic-particle inspected and shot-peened. An M4A1 RISII handguard provides usable rail space, a solid interface and complete reliability with maximum accuracy. Built to the highest military standards, the SOCOM M4A1 is designed to be the next generation combat carbine.

Daniel Defense continues to build top-notch AR parts, accessories and rifles. Many of the finest rifles continue to utilize their barrels, forends and other top-quality parts. Daniel Defense is dedicated to real innovation, never sacrifices reliability or accuracy and always takes the operator into account. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident along with a long held dedication to our warfighters, and police officers. If you are looking for an AR that will work when you need it, last a lifetime and never give up, then give Daniel Defense a long and hard look. For more information, visit or call 866-554-4867.

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