Here are some tips for once the competition begins:

• Be sure all of your equipment is in order before match day
• Concentrate on the match one stage at a time
• Create and memorize an efficient plan for each course of fire
• Use the same pre-shoot routine after the “make ready” command
• Be visual and aggressive when shooting
• Think positive no matter what happens
• Stay hydrated and eat frequently through the day
• Have fun and enjoy the battle

In conclusion, be a good competitor. Along with following the printed rules of competition, there are a number of unwritten rules in sport shooting such as:
• Listen to the range officials instructions during the stage briefing
• Turn in your competitor label and score sheet and help your squad sort out the shooting order
• Find a rear exit and do not impede walk through efforts
• Keep off the stage and leave it open for the competitor who is up next
• Keep the volume down when a competitor is on the line
• Be honest about what happens whether it is in your favor or not
• Help reset the stage if you are not up or on deck
• Thank the range officials for working the match

There are more I can mention but most of it is common sense. If you follow some of the rules here, you will be a person everyone wants to shoot with and competition will be a more pleasant experience for you and everyone else. I hope to see you on the range someday.

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