Bushmaster his highlighting their new ACR rifle at NRA. It is a gas operated rifle with a number of fantastic features. The controls are all ambidextrous and a folding stock should be available as early as the end of this month. The rifle pictured is an SBR available for LE at this time, but the standard versions are fantastic as well. It has the ability now to change barrels easily, and will eventually be made in 6.8SPC and 6.5 Grendel as well as some other calibers.

Armalite has introduced the SPR Mod 1 rifle in The upper receiver and hand guard is made from a solid piece of aluminum eliminating the need to line up the top rails. It also allows you to remove the side rails and replace them with bare rails as well. The rifle comes with one 30 round magazine and a set of ARMS flip up sights all for $1529 retail.

DPMS is offering a complete line of 22 long rifle uppers. These guns come equipped in either an M4, bull barrel or target version. They range from $389.00 to just under $500.00. They will work on any lower and use commercially available magazines.

As difficult as it may seem has improved on the CDP (Carry Defense Pistol). No changes needed to the pistol, simply the addition of some very nice looking laser grips. They are wood grips with with a very discrete Crimson Trace Laser. This combination is fast becoming the favorite of many for concealed carry.

Kimber’s Super Carry line is a really nice edition to a complete line of carry 1911 pistols. The Super Carry has many of the same features as the custom carry pistols offered by Kimber with the addition of a rounded but and some really nice looking scales. This scaling is found on the grip. slide, and on the top of the slide. Retailing at $1530 this pistol is really a custom pistol at a solid price.

Leupold has entered the red dot market with their Leupold Delta Point. This type of sight is fast becoming the favorite of competitors and operators alike as either a primary or secondary sighting system. The Deltapoint is light weight, rugged and repeatable. It can be mounted on pistols, rifles, and shotguns as needed with many different mounts.

Taylor is now offering a tuned single action revolver for the Single Action Shooting Society enthusiast. The Runnin Iron is fully tuned and ready to shoot in any competition. They are also offering the Taylor 1911 pistol. This is a perfect pistol for cowboy action shooting in the new traditional division of the Wild Bunch matches.

One of the neat things about shows like this is the ability for local gun makers to get some good exposure. USA Tactical firearms has been serving the law enforcement community for years as well as those interested in a custom built AR15 rifle. They manufacture your their own lowers and upper receivers and build the rest to your specifications.

Vortex is starting to take the tactical optics world by storm. They offer some solid scopes at a decent price. I recently had the opportunity to see this StrikeFire work on a SWAT teams rifles. After a good solid day transitioning on the new rifles they remained consistent and the operators found them versatile and easy to use. This scope offers the ability to change from red to green dots as needed and also has the ability to be used with night vision.

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Bushmaster his highlighting their new ACR rifle at NRA. It is a gas operated…