U.S.A. Ferfrans is an American gun company using years of experience making the M16 system work in the harshest combat conditions (the jungles of the Philippines during ongoing counterinsurgency operations for example). Looking to find a way to make full auto (and semi-auto fire as well) as recoil-less as possible, Ferfrans now offers its patented proprietary system called D.S.A.S (Delayed Sear Activation System) which reduces the cycle rate allowing a steady sight picture for single shots, short or long bursts. Whether on a short stroke gas piston or Direct Impingement (both of which Ferfrans produces), the D.S.A.S allows for full auto control resulting in much more consistent accuracy.

Models available include the PDW with a 7.5 inch barrel, the SOAR (Special Operations Assault Rifle) and the H.V.L.A.R. (High Volume Light Automatic Rifle.)

Ferfrans offers a refurbishing program that can take any agency or departments old M4, AR or M16 rifles and refurbish them into new Ferfrans rifles. This allows a lower cost to the customer and avoids the hassle of procurement and ATF
paperwork involved in purchasing new weapons. The program allows departments and agencies to modernize their armory for a fraction of the cost for new weapons.

Ferfrans is being used by foreign military and Police such as the Philippine national police, Special Action Forces, and under consideration (pending funding) by the Malaysian Police. It also is being used by U.S. departments and agencies including Clay County FL SWAT and LAPD Chief of Police protection detail and is currently being tested and evaluated by the U.S. Army.

Look for more information about Ferfrans weapons in upcoming Harris Publications magazines and for more information please view or call 626.893.8155

A shooter shows off the excellent controllability of the Ferfrans PDW during semi and full auto fire during a live fire demonstration at Ft. Bragg during the 2012 Soldier Equipment and Technology Expo. The Ferfrans 5.56 PDW weapons system is a 7.5 inch barrel version of their Special Operations Assault Rifle (SOAR), using their proprietary Delayed Sear Activation System (DSAS).

Not to be done by anyone but a very competent professional on a closed range, this Ferfrans Operator shows the inherent stability of the Ferfrans H.V.L.A.R (High Volume Light Automatic Rifle) during sustained full auto fire. This demo using a long burst of 60 rounds from a Surefire magazine was done at a range near Ft. Bragg during the 2012 Soldier Equipment and Technology Expo.

The lightweight H.V.L.A.R.with Ferfran’s proprietary Delayed Sear Activation System (DSAS) makes it possible to one-hand a burst while keeping the rounds on-target. The demo makes it easy to see how accurate fire from a tripod would be accomplished!

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Images: Andre’ M. Dall’au and Courtesy of Ferfrans

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