Tactical-Life’s favorite “part” of Generation Kill’s 2nd installment, Cradle Of Civilization, was the quote “observe everything, admire nothing.”

This episode was right on target with the weapons used, including what the enemy was carrying. “Captain America,” who could have been taken out easily in this episode, and probably should have been, picked up an AK he recovered from a weapons cache while crossing the Euphrates. Thanks to his map reading skills, or lack thereof, Captain steers Bravo in the wrong direction, landing them at the rear of a humvee caravan.

The episode keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the much anticipated firefight as the boys head right into the anticipated violent, but successful skirmish in Al Gharraf. We found ourselves just as eager to watch the battle as the men on the screen were to be a part of it and liked the accuracy involved in the episode’s small details. For example, one of the men looks over his scope using the front site post to aim instead of looking through it.

Another aspect of the series we admire is that it doesn’t necessarily “tone down” the realities of war in order to make it more appropriate for the small screen. Take the sniper scene for instance: You watch as two enemies are killed, but you don’t watch them being hit from afar. Instead, you view it like the Marines viewed it: Through the scope, blood-spray and all. Watch the scene above for detail.

The expressions on the faces of those who survived the firefight lend enough reality to viewers at home that by the time the men celebrate their battle triumph, we are thankful the episode ends on a light note.

An afterthought just occurred to us- We wonder how much the reporter bought the body armor for on EBay?

The next episode airs next Sunday, July 27th at 9:00 p.m. Visit for more details.

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Tactical-Life's favorite "part" of Generation Kill's 2nd installment, Cradle Of Civilization, was the quote…