TACTICAL-LIFE.COM’s got one word for “Screwby,” GENERATION KILL’s third episode: “Incompetent.” From the orders our Marines had to follow to the equipment they were issued and the confusion they encountered numerous times throughout each mission, this episode demonstrates the unpreparedness of the U.S. Military during the invasion of Iraq and the all too common confusion with civilians and Taliban militants. Watch the compilation of clips above to witness the ineptness.

Last episode, the confusion and inability to recognize one’s ass from his elbow, as far as carrying out orders in a responsible manner, seemed contained to Captain America and only a handful of others. But this episode leaves us wondering “WHAT THE F*%@”?! We wonder how high up in the ranks does the ineptness stem from?

Orders were given that “all seen are hostile” and with that, Trombley unleashes 5.56 rounds in two young civilian boys walking their camels through a field. Later, the injured Iraqi boys are dragged by family members as they beg for medical attention. Now understanding why not all should be seen as hostile, a group of soldiers take the wounded boys to Godfather’s tent, only to hear their commander deny the boys a medevac to a military hospital. Godfather’s unwillingness to right the wrong caused by his orders are forcing the soldiers to second-guess the faith they instill in their commanding officers.

The amount of civilian casualties are beginning to rise due to the mass confusion quickly spreading from soldier to soldier, which may be setting up episode 4 for what has to be more of the same. With no previews, we wonder why friendly fire isn’t more than it is? How can Captain America not be taken out? GodFather’s knee jerk actions to gain recognition from military mahogany row show his ineffective leadership skills.

Next installment, “Combat Jack,” is due out next Sunday, August 3rd at 9:00 p.m.- Can’t say that TACTICAL-LIFE.COM “Can’t wait until Sunday.” For more information on the series and to see the schedule, visit

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TACTICAL-LIFE.COM's got one word for "Screwby," GENERATION KILL's third episode: "Incompetent." From the orders…