In the sixth Generation Kill Episode, “Stay Frosty,” our troops remain ambivalent of war, its consequences and the competence of their higher-ups. Although the episodes have gotten quite repetitive in behavior and commentary (Fick is an adequate leader, Captain America’s team loses more respect for him, Colbert reveals more of his emotions about being a “peon,” more combat mistakes ensue, Godfather again promises a “real” mission, etc.), the progress the troops have made, the development of each character and the glimpses into life as a marine all serve as a build-up to the final episode- the entrance into Baghdad.

The ambivalence felt while at war is elaborated on during the scene where the troops must escort Iraqis with them to Baghdad. They load women and children into the back of a truck only to be told by a medic that no matter what they do, every baby will die during the relocation to the city. Upon hearing this, Fick sees one of his men holding a baby and worries that the more humanitarian their mission gets, the further a soldier’s mind will stray from the mission itself.

As the men prepare for their entrance into Baghdad, they are joined by Delta Company, otherwise known as “the Reservists,” who will be traveling to Baghdad with them. The episode ends right before the men are about to cross “the magic line” into Baghdad and cannot wait for the final installment of HBO’s brutally accurate portrayal of modern desert warfare, Generation Kill.

The seventh and last episode, “Bomb in the Garden,” airs Sunday, August 24 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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