HBO Films’ newest mini-series, Generation Kill, aired its first installment titled, “Get Some,” this past week. The seven-series war drama is based on Evan Wright’s 2004 non-fiction book, Generation Kill, which described the first 40 days of Operation Iraqi Freedom as the First Recon Bravo Company spearheaded the invasion of Iraq.

“Get Some” led with a simulated operation packed full with adrenaline as the elite Marine unit prepared to invade Iraq en route from the northern desert of Kuwait. Along for the ride was Rolling Stone contributing editor Evan Wright, who was embedded with the military to offer audiences a first glimpse of today’s soldiers as they prepare for modern desert warfare.

His introduction to Bravo Company was not initially welcoming, but the soldiers warmed to Wright after he revealed his work experience prior to Rolling Stone; Writing the Beaver Hunt column for Hustler magazine gave him instant credibility among the troops now responsible for protecting his life.

The episode continued with crude banter and cryptic humor as the personality of each marine unfolded. Cpl. Josh “Ray” Person (James Ransone), Humvee Driver, is the epitome of today’s young skeptic: Sarcastic, always has an opinion and prefers to challenge authority- but only behind authority’s back. He is the dry-humored mastermind behind some of the most memorable theories in the pilot episode, and will most likely be the champion of quotable words and opinions throughout the mini-series’ entirety. Check him out by watching the video below.

Lance Cpl. Harold “James” Trombley (Billy Lush), Saw Gunner, offers viewers a sneak peak at the youngest members of the Armed Forces; The soldiers so eager to “Get Some,” they’d sooner put a bullet in a camel or stray dog just to be able to fire at something. An adrenaline junkie, Trombley embodies the dichotomy of young and eager men in today’s Military. He resembles the soldier that will do everything in his power to carry out a mission and fight for his country, unafraid of the consequences. Check him out by watching the video below.

The mini-series continues this Sunday, July 20 at 9 p.m. with “The Cradle.” will offer information every week as we view each installment of HBO’s groundbreaking portrayal of today’s generation of warfighters. Visit for more videos and character synopsis.

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