People choose to purchase and use handguns for a variety of reasons. Some people like to shoot purely for recreational enjoyment. Others who have more of a sporting mindset enjoy the mental and physical challenges of competition shooting. Due to the threat of crime and other concerns such as terrorism, many responsible citizens choose to use handguns for protecting themselves, their families and co-workers. To protect and serve the populace of their jurisdictions, most law enforcement agencies around the world as well as many individual law enforcement officers arm themselves with handguns. Other government entities such as intelligence agencies, correctional institutions and especially military forces make extensive use of handguns. No matter what the reason or use, GLOCK offers a family of pistols that serve across the board for every application.

Familiar Tradition

Shooting for recreational enjoyment is probably almost as old a pastime as firearms themselves. At outdoor locations and indoor ranges across the globe, recreational shooters take aim at targets as varied as empty milk jugs, paper targets and even offbeat things like spoiled fruit. As with any hobby, recreational shooting appeals to a wide range of people. Every one of them has different ideas about what kind of firearm they favor. GLOCK pistols come in all of the most popular center-fire semi-automatic chamberings. GLOCK pistols are very appealing for many other reasons as well. One factor, especially with the current economy, is the affordability that GLOCK products offer. Retail prices for GLOCK firearms are consistently cheaper than prices of other manufacturer’s comparable products.

Other areas of concern for recreational shooters are quality and safety. Although GLOCK firearms are consistently more affordable than competitors’ offerings, there is no compromise when it comes to quality. GLOCK pistols are crafted from the very best raw materials and undergo extensive quality control checks before leaving the factory. This combination of affordability and quality make GLOCK pistols the best value for consumers, many of which will enjoy shooting their GLOCK for many decades. Safety is also paramount in any endeavor that involves firearms. GLOCK pistols have three internal safeties known as the GLOCK “Safe Action” system. These safeties include a trigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safety. Because of the “Safe Action” system, GLOCK pistols do not require an external safety or de-cocking mechanism, making them easier to operate without compromising safety.

Also, GLOCK reliability has been proven time after time. The Tenifer finish on metal parts and polymer frame allow GLOCK pistols to stand up to moisture and not rust. The corrosive effects of other environmental factors and exposure to harsh chemicals on metal parts is also negated by the Tenifer finish. Other features that make the GLOCK family of pistols reliable are their mechanical simplicity and minimal number of parts.
A police instructor from India assists a student at the Kosovo Police Service School during firearms training with GLOCK pistols. India is one of several nations that provide United Nations sponsored police trainers to support the Kosovo Police.

International Appeal
GLOCK pistols have also become a pre-eminent military sidearm of choice since their introduction in the 1980s. Many NATO and western countries have replaced their World War II-era handguns with modern GLOCK pistols. Following the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe in the 1990s, many former Warsaw Pact nations and countries discarded their Makarov- and Tokarev-based pistols and switched to GLOCKs. In addition to GLOCK pistols, many armies around the world make use of GLOCK field knives, entrenching tools and hand grenades.

GLOCK pistols are also in use with many of the world’s most elite military and security service units. Because pistols used by special operations units must not fail in critical situations, GLOCK is a natural choice. Because of their well-engineered design and robust construction, GLOCK pistols withstand harsh use while still offering reliable and accurate shooting. For legally eligible special operation units, GLOCK offers their select-fire GLOCK 18 chambered to fire the 9×19 cartridge. Externally, the G18 looks like a standard G17 except for the addition of a selector switch on the left rear slide. When required, the pistol can fire in full-automatic mode, providing some of the same capabilities as a sub-machine gun. To aid controllability, the GLOCK 18C has an integrated compensator. In addition to standard capacity magazines and lighting accessories, GLOCK offers a special 33-round magazine for the GLOCK 18.

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People choose to purchase and use handguns for a variety of reasons. Some people…