“Protect your investment” just may be the catchphrase for CaseCruzer LLC. Their catalog includes a wide variety of padded hard cases, from large wheeled-footlockers to smaller laptop computer or camera cases. CaseCruzer even has special wine-transport cases that can hold up to 24 bottles. Given their plethora of hard cases designed for travel, it only made sense that CaseCruzer would launch a line of cases for protecting and transporting firearms. The GunCruzer line includes numerous cases that can hold a single handgun, a rifle or multiple firearms with accessories.

The GunCruzer Glock 19 Pistol Case has a padded-form insert that is cut to secure a G19 pistol, a dehumidifier and three magazines. Naturally, the case will work with the G23 or similar models. The outer body of the case is a high-impact polymer, making it strong and lightweight. Inside is gray-colored foam, padding both the top and bottom. The lid has a rubber seal to protect your gear from water, dust and the elements, and the case itself has a single carrying handle and two large latches that are easy to manipulate. To secure the case from prying eyes or tampering hands, there are two lock points (left and right) where you can fix a padlock or seal the lid with nylon-wire ties. A pressure-relief valve is built in to compensate for pressure changes while being transported via aircraft.

The GunCruzer not only protects your investment but also helps you organize by allowing you to store your firearms, magazines and accessories in one container—no more rummaging for gear in boxes and range bags. For more information, visit or call 909-613-1999.

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“Protect your investment” just may be the catchphrase for CaseCruzer LLC. Their catalog includes…