In an era of easily obtained technology and the capability to quickly share information with the world, troops overseas have been able to capture engagements with digital video cameras they picked up before deployment. Attaching lipstick-size cameras to their helmets allow soldiers to remain combat effective—helmet cams don’t interfere with changing magazines or other equipment on their kit.

This is the real thing. This isn’t Call of Duty* or Medal of Honor. When watching these videos keep in mind the degree of disconnect today’s video game generation has with the reality of combat. These videos show the chaos and confusion of combat, where the enemy is not easily seen, and identifying the distance and direction of incoming fire must be done quickly and is the first order of business.

Snatch and Grabs and Frags

U.S. Special Forces, Green Berets
Working with Iraqi military personnel Special Forces conduct raids and snatch and grabs in Iraq.

Layin’ Scunyon in the Valley of Death

1st Infantry Division
In this NBC report soldiers from Viper Company are tipped off by locals and engage Taliban in Korengal Valley. Always alert, soldiers remain are aware it could be a wrap. An element of the company sets up security in a destroyed house and is engaged by insurgents from the surrounding hills.

Death From Below

Bravo Company 1-26 Infantry
U.S. Soldiers are ambushed on an elevated ridge by enemy forces on a hill below. Taking cover behind a stonewall and using a ditch with trees for cover/concealment, they return fire and engage the enemy.

IED Ambush

1st Cavalry Division
Following an IED attack, soldiers are attacked after being drawn out into the open and assessing casualties. Air support is called in on the surrounding terrain.

Who says EOD teams don’t use Barretts?

Location: Undisclosed
Unit: Unidentified EOD team
A convoy is ambushed in Afghanistan. Good camera shots of a soldier firing a Barrett at targets on a ridge.

*Bonus NEW Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer.

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In an era of easily obtained technology and the capability to quickly share information…