This year the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) returned to where it all began in 1893, when the very first meeting was held during the Columbian Exhibition, more popularly known as the Chicago World’s Fair. A gathering of 51 police chiefs from around the nation met to discuss the challenges they faced in an ever-changing world, and the National Chiefs of Police Union was first organized in Chicago 118 years ago. Today it is the IACP, and the annual meeting is a World’s Fair unto it’s own for international law enforcement, a show unlike any other.


At the IACP Conference, everything from guidelines for improved training techniques to new protective clothing, electronic surveillance equipment, field communications, and technology for interdepartmental operations can be found. Below you’ll find some of the great finds we saw at this show this year. And make sure to keep an eye out for the Feburary 2012 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine for even more thorough coverage of the event!

5.11 Always Ready Knife
The 5.11 Always Ready Knife (ARK) is a 440 stainless carbon-steel blade with a black oxide coat. Available with a modified Tanto with recurve blade or combo edge blade, the grip has G10 scales for a solid hold even with wet or gloved hands and jimping (ridges) on the top, bottom and heal for added grasp.
A four-position belt clip is reversible end to end and for left- or right-handed users. An ambidextrous thumb stud makes opening quick with either hand. The knife also has a lanyard hole. Suggested retail is $69.95. (866-451-1726,

ATK Blackhawk Gear
ATK Blackhawk tactical gear is made for law enforcement and civilian use and features a variety of duty holsters and AR-platform accessories among its varied product lines.
Shown is a Blackhawk vertical grip and short locking rail panel, Omega tactical vest (which is an over vest compartmentalized for different combinations and mission uses), Blackhawk tactical gloves, and adjustable injection-molded SERPA II duty holster mounted on a SERPA thigh rig. (800-694-5263,

Colt CM901
The latest tactical model from Colt is the CM901, which offers a quick 7.62mm to 5.56mm conversion using a multi-caliber lower receiver. After removing the pins, the upper receiver is removed just like on any AR-platform design and replaced with one of four different uppers in 5.56mm or 7.62mm caliber and with interchangeable barrel lengths.
This design allows only one serial number for the lower receiver with multiple options for caliber and barrel length, making this an ideal “mission-specific” rifle. The CM911 (CM for Colt Modularity) comes with a folding stock, folding front sight and Magtech rear sight. (800-962-2658,

DeSantis Rail Rider Picatinny Belt Clip

The new DeSantis Rail Rider “clips” into place on any pistol with a standard Picatinny rail by simply sliding it on. Once in place, it is solidly affixed and provides a large injection-molded belt hook for easy inside-the-waistband carry. It is comfortable enough that you can tuck your shirt over it for total concealment, and easy enough to draw so there are no problems with clothing, either worn over or under a shirt.
The mount is rigid and stays on until it is removed, which only requires two quarters, one under the lip of the mount and a second quarter to slip under and raise the catch. (800-424-1236,

Galco Kydex Stryker Holster
New for 2012, this hand-formed Kydex adjustable belt holster from Galco is designed for Glock, Sig, 1911 and S&W M&P models, and offers dual adjustment screws for solid firearm retention, as well as an adjustable belt clip that can be set for belts as narrow as 1.25 inches.
This prevents the wobble most belt holsters suffer from when worn with smaller-width belts. The durable Kydex pouch is form-fitted for each model pistol. (800-874-2526,

Glock 34 Gen4
You might not think of a compensated target pistol as a tactical sidearm, but according to Glock, more and more SWAT teams are adding the full-size G34 to their arsenal, and now with the availability of the G34 Gen4 version, this highly accurate 9mm semi-auto provides added versatility for a greater number of operators. The Gen4 starts off with a version of the G21 SF, designed for easier handling and better purchase with smaller hands, plus offers medium (4mm) and large (7mm) interchangeable backstrap panels. The medium panel returns the gun to a standard (Gen3) grip size. For tactical use with gloves, the smaller SF frame is an immediate advantage, shortening the trigger distance by 4mm over a standard Gen3 grip. The Gen4 G34 also employs the latest double-nested double recoil spring for improved accuracy and recoil management. (770-432-1202,

Sig Sauer M400
Aside from being a new entry into the LE marketplace, the new Sig Sauer M400 was offered in a special package at the 118th Annual IACP. Introduced in summer 2011, the M400 in 5.56mm is the latest rifle in the Sig line. It uses a gas impingement system, just like the standard M4 rifle used by the military. The new model varies from the SIG516 package, which is a pushrod system, and the SIG556, which is a piston-operated design.

The IACP show special version comes standard with the Magpul OE (original equipment) collapsible carbine stock, ergonomic MOE foregrip, MVG (MOE vertical grip), MOE carbine-length handguard, and two Magpul 30-round PMAG magazines. Its rear sight is a Sig flip-up with a standard M4 front sight. The show price was a remarkable $799 for the entire package. The purpose of the package is to provide an officer exiting a patrol vehicle with a rifle that has every feature required already supplied, including an attached spare magazine. The special LE price runs through December 28, 2011. The base M400, without enhanced features, lists for $755. (603-772-2302,

Sig Sauer P220 E2 and P250 Caliber Change Kit
We also were able to get a first look at the upcoming Sig Sauer P220 E2 Nitron, a continuation of the “E-squared” line currently comprised of the P229 and P226 featuring a one-piece ergonomic E2 wraparound grip that simply snaps in place. It can also be retrofitted to older 220 models. The E2 has stippling on three sides of the grip to give shooters better purchase and control of the pistol.
Sig also showed its innovative P250 Caliber Change Kit, which allows reconfiguring P250 frame sizes, slides, grips and calibers in just minutes, as easily as field-stripping the gun for cleaning. The world’s only modular system handgun of its type, the P250 can be easily changed from a full-sized .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, or 9mm duty pistol to a compact or subcompact pistol for concealed carry use, all with the same internal frame and fire control assembly. The Sig Sauer P250 has 64 possible variations from one basic gun! Available in three sizes—full-size, compact, and subcompact—grips sizes and calibers can all be easily interchanged. Everything revolves around switching the frame and fire control assembly between polymer frames, barrel, slide, and grip assemblies to make whatever size and caliber gun required. There are also two interchangeable trigger sizes, an ambidextrous slide release, and a reversible magazine release. (603-772-2302,

S&W M&P22
For LEOs using the latest Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm and .40 S&W semiautomatics, the cost of training just came down with the addition of the M&P22, a full-sized M&P pistol with all of the same operating features and handling as the M&P9 and M&P40 models but chambered in .22 LR.
The M&P22 combines the look, feel and familiar operating features of larger caliber models. Standard features include an ambidextrous slide release and ambidextrous manual safety (an optional feature on other M&P models), reversible magazine release, lightweight aluminum slide, Picatinny-style equipment rail and either 10- or 12-round magazines. The rear sight is click adjustable. Overall length is 7.6 inches and weight 24 ounces. Barrel length is 4.1 inches. Suggested Retail is $419. (800-331-0852,

Springfield Dual Dovetailed Rear Sight
Created in answer to popular demand, this is a new option available on Springfield Armory guns. Built by Harrison, this optional dual dovetailed fixed sight is an $80 up-charge on any Springfield model pistol. According to Springfield Armory, some people don’t want an adjustable sight and prefer one that has a rigid mount.
The design, which provides an excellent sighting channel, is sturdy enough to use for cycling the slide against a table or other hard surface if the operation is unable to use both hands. (800-680-6866,

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