Although the SHOT show is well known as the show where arms and ammunition manufacturers display their new products for the year, it has also become a show for a large law enforcement contingent and this includes less lethal technologies. This year in Las Vegas many manufacturers displayed their wares including many new products. The following chemical defense sprays and projectors, electronic control devices, and impact munitions are just a small taste of the standout new products to look for in 2008.

Chemical Defense Sprays and Projectors


Defense Technology was featuring their First Defense 360® product. Innovative aerosol technology enables First Defense 360 to provide officers with a consistent stream of OC regardless of how the canister is angled when activated. The canister will maintain its pressure at every angle due to a formula-filled mylar bag, which separates the formula from the canister and allows compressed air to pressurize the bag regardless of canister orientation and angle.


Sabre has produced quality OC products like Sabre Red® which is a 10% OC product. Sabre products are in use with major police departments like the NYPD and Chicago Police Department. New in the Sabre line up is Sabre Cleanse® and Soothe®. These decon products remove the chemical agents from the skin and dramatically reduce the effects of the sprays according to the manufacturer. Although this may seem unnecessary to some officers, it can reduce complaints of excessive force and resistance by suspects. These products can also be used by LE personnel in tactical or patrol situations where they have been contaminated. Cleanse and Soothe are available in four ounce bottles for fielding with patrol personnel as well as SWAT.


Combined Tactical Systems has introduced new aerosol grenades for tactical or corrections personnel. The Model 62 Rapid Aerosol Expulsion Grenade® is meant for barricaded subject calls or cell extractions in corrections. According to CTS personnel who have experienced the awe and mystery of this grenade it is hotter than anything they’ve ever experienced. The Model 62 is available in OC only or a OC/CS blend.

Electronic Control Devices


Taser International was prominent at the SHOT Show displaying their line of electronic control devices. The X26®, Taser Cam and line of cartridges which now extend the effectiveness of the Taser out to 35 feet were displayed.

xrep.gifNew products on display included the EXREP® – eXtended Range Electronic Projectile which extends control for an electronic control device out to 100 feet. The self-contained projectile which is fired from a 12 gauge shotgun is set to be field tested this year.


News at the show was that Mossberg and Taser have entered into a contract with Mossberg producing the X12 LLS® (Less-lethal Shotgun). An interesting safety development by the designers was a bolt face key system that will prevent standard 12 gauge shells from fitting in the shotgun. The X12 will have a yellow collapsible buttstock with pistol grip and a yellow forearm. The forearm will have a Picatinny rail on the bottom to allow an X26 to be affixed (X26 not included). The X26 grip will serve as a vertical forearm for the shotgun. The laser sight and flashlight of the X26 will serve both systems and provide a total less lethal package from near contact out to 100 feet. We may see this system available next year!


A new electronic control device that was on display at SHOT was the Stinger S-200® by Stingers Systems. Stinger claims that the S-200 is the most advanced electronic control device on the market. With an effective range of 22 feet the S-200 technology includes Pulse Groups per Second versus Pulses per Second; Quantum Flyback Technology advanced circuitry; and Nervlok which more effectively overloads and fatigues the muscles; a programmable trigger that can fire the electronic charge only while the trigger is depressed, fires for two seconds or fires for four seconds; according to the manufacturer. The Stinger incorporates a data dock that is RF (Radio Frequency) transmitter does not require a USB port attachment. The software for data capture is pre-installed in the Stinger. The S-200’s design improves cartridge reloading and better protects the cartridge while it is loaded. Stinger Systems is also providing distance learning via the internet for end users. An interesting Stinger Systems is the new kid on the ECD block and it will be interesting to see this product develop. Several agencies are fielding the Stinger S-200 and we will see what the reports are from the street.

Impact Munitions


At SHOT, Defense Technology introduced a re-loadable training round for their 40 mm eXact iMpact® line of kinetic energy munitions. These training rounds will come in a kit that is re-loadable by the agency and propelled with .38 caliber blanks. These training rounds will allow agencies to conduct important training with the 40 mm launcher at substantially less cost than firing the real deal. More training equals better performance and liability reduction for the agency.


Two new products fielded by Veritas Tactical Products are along the same lines. The VT-P8 is an air driven .68 caliber less lethal semi auto pistol that can fire: PAVA rounds; Glass breaker rounds; Rubber impact rounds; Indelible ink rounds; Inert clear gel or powder training rounds. The magazine holds eight projectiles and is powered by a CO2 canister.


The VT-MK-IV Non-Lethal Rifle uses the same .68 caliber rounds, has a 15 round magazine. Designed to resemble the M-4 5.56 rifle that tactical operators are familiar with, the MK-IV will increase operator accuracy with an impact/irritant round.

In Conclusion
As you can see, SHOT provided an accurate scope of products available for law enforcement, corrections and military less lethal tactics. All of these groups are now responsible for controlling, resisting or rioting subjects with reasonable amounts of force. Fundamental to that reasonableness is that irritant sprays, electronic force application or impact munitions are as less injurious as possible. All manufacturers are producing quality products that improve control and reduce injury potential.

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