The fourth installment in the Magpul Dynamics instructional DVD series, The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun, is a five-and-a-half hour, three-disc set packed with tightly edited and content-rich material.

Following up on their Art of the Dynamic Handgun, Magpul Dynamics instructors Chris Costa and Travis Haley bring their experience and expertise to the broadly owned but narrowly understood shotgun. Used by Americans for everything from hunting the smallest birds to breaching doors and close-quarter battles, the shotgun is deceptively complicated when ‘time is life” situations present themselves. In this series, Haley and Costa communicate to the student a respect for both the shotgun’s power as well as the fundamental essentials from basic weapon manipulation to utilization in personal and professional defense scenarios.


Starting with the basics of grip, stance, and safety, the first two DVDs cover considerations for zeroing and patterning shotguns with both buckshot and slugs. Unlike other weapon systems, the shotgun’s round size mandates the shooter always be ‘shooting or loading’. As such, much is covered on techniques for loading pumps and autos as well as transitioning between slugs and buckshot.


The real meat of the series, and a significant value-add to the purchaser, is the third DVD that covers dozens of indexed and selectable quick reference drills the student can utilize to practice and improve upon basic skills. The disc also covers a variety of customized shotgun set ups as well as optics, ammunition, action types and enhancements.


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The fourth installment in the Magpul Dynamics instructional DVD series, The Art of the…