Manhattan Shooting Excursions recently held its annual Military Arms Excursion at an undisclosed location outside New York. The MAE is an annual event that gives shooters from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut the opportunity to use a large variety of military-style firearms, including licensed Class III hardware, under the guidance of NRA Certified instructors.

This event also featured a demonstration of the SM-1 target by the management of StrikeMark Targets. The SM-1 is a portable auto-reset target suitable for handgun and high-power rifles that uses a rechargeable battery and resets in 1.5 seconds. Four SM-1 units were fired on with automatic rifles and proved durable and 100 percent reliable.

Participants also got to use tactical bolt-action rifles including the FN TSR USA and the Remington LTR, pistols from Heckler & Koch, Glock and Springfield Armory, and a Penn Arms 12-gauge Striker shotgun. Targets used during the program were set at unknown distances up to 400 yards and included tactical and silhouette styles. The next Class III program hosted by Manhattan Shooting Excursions will focus on suppressed pistols of special operations soldiers and will feature handguns from HK and Sig Sauer, and sound suppressors from Advanced Armament and others.

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