eller.gifMen’s Double Trap
U.S. trap shooter Walton (Glenn) Eller is the news after earning a gold medal for USA Shooting at day four of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Although Eller competed at the 2000 and 2004 Olympics, this is his first medal.
“It felt awesome,” Eller says. “I’ve been working at this for God knows how long now. The last two times I finished 17th and 12th, so I’m glad I finally made a final.”

Eller, a 26-year-old Texas native, impressed the crowd after scoring hits on 145 out of 150 targets during qualification, breaking the standing Olympic qualification record. In the final round, Eller missed fived targets before recovering and shooting 45 targets, enough to break Ahmed Almaktoum’s (UAE) record of 189/200 set at Athens in 2004.

jinjong-ohgoldrokxinhua.gifMen’s 50m Free Pistol
Olympic-host China was disappointed after Tan Zongliang errantly shot his first and last shot in Men’s 50m Free Pistol final. With a two-point lead after the qualification round, Tan made a mistake and scored a 7.9 with the first pull of the trigger in the final round. As his top competitors from the Republic of Korea surpassed his score in the final, Tan did have one opportunity during his final shot to reclaim the top position. Needing a score of 10.1, Tan only managed to shoot a 9.2, earning him the Bronze. Jin Jong-oh of the Republic of Korea maintained a consistent effort that won him the gold.

Daryl Szarenski, a member of the USAMU, was the top finisher representing USA Shooting netting him a score of 555 and a 14th place finish. Teammate Jason Turner followed in 21st place with a score of 553.

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