Old becomes new: Change is a constant in our world, and when properly orchestrated it can result in positive outcomes for people, places and things. Not often does a new municipality come about, especially one that has been part of a larger, older jurisdiction. But when a new community is created, this clean slate can provide opportunity for good new ideas.

sandysprings1.jpgSuch is the case with the newly incorporated city of Sandy Springs, GA, located just north of Atlanta. For decades, it had been considered first as part of “the country” outside of Atlanta, and, more recently, a suburb of that city. Sandy Springs is in Fulton County, one of the original metropolitan counties where, government services such as police and LE were provided by the county.
That and more changed rapidly in 2005 when the residents of Sandy Springs voted to establish their own City of Sandy Springs. While desired by many, some things are perhaps easier voted in than accomplished, and putting together city services in these modern times would certainly fall in that category. Law enforcement and policing would be a priority for the new city, which encompassed its own suburbs, urban areas and major highways in its Area of Operations.

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