Mesa Tactical, a well-known manufacturer of professional grade accessories for tactical shotguns, has introduced a new modular stock system called XCaliber™. Designed initially for the Remington Model 700 tactical bolt action rifle, the XCaliber is the first in a series of sniper platform accessories from the company.

Developed with the needs of the law enforcement sharpshooter in mind, the new machined aluminum stock is also very suitable for military applications. The XCaliber has a heavy duty bedding block accepting a lightweight machined forend and many of the AR style collapsible and fixed buttstocks. Together with the Enidine recoil buffer, the XCaliber provides for an easy shooting and space minimizing sniper rifle that can dominate out to 1,000 yards.


The grip location is adjustable for individual users and allows a variety of AR styles currently on the market. The forend can accept Mil STD 1913 (Picatinny) accessory rails on the sides or bottom as well as mounting a Harris bipod via a bottom stud mount. The XCaliber can also mount an exclusive stock mounted night vision optics rail. An excellent accessory is the side mounted Mesa Tactical SureShell five round cartridge holder.

I was sent a prototype XCaliber to assemble and use, and was delighted to find that construction was easy and everything fit EXACTLY as the simple directions instructed. I placed my .308 Remington 700 with a Konus M30 telescopic sight into the stock, added a Hogue grip, LMT adjustable SOCOM buttstock with Enidine hydraulic recoil buffer and a Harris bipod. This accessory combination provided me with a beautiful and fully functional weapon. In use, the rifle was mild for recoil and since the action only touches the stock at the two screws, the accuracy of the Remington was unchallenged. The weapon placed 7.62 bullets through the same ragged hole for as long as I wanted.


The overall design objective for XCaliber was to provide long distance shooters with a precision stock system offering:

-Increased adjustability for different sized shooters.
-Flexible integration of optional accessories.
-Rapid deployment in urgent tactical situations.

In that the guys at Mesa Tactical have a winner! For more information on this and other Mesa Tactical products, visit

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