Number of size D breast implants needed to slow down a bullet.

3 Million
The amount of troop’s equipment currently in Iraq, much of which will be moved to Afghanistan.

The number of volts it takes to pedal your way to television privileges in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Jail.
AZ Central

Number of cops suspended for watching “movies, television shows and sporting events” while on the late shift.

Projected IQ of fleeing suspect who jumped fence into a woman’s prison yard while running from the cops.

Fallen Marines father’s court cost as a result of law suit against protesters chanting “Thank God for dead soldiers” at his sons funeral.

How many of the 4,313 cameras in the New York Subway that actually work.
Homeland Security Newswire

5 Million / $2 Billion
The number of security guards in India. 1.3 million more than their police and military combined. It is a $2 billion industry thanks in part to increased growth following the Mumbai shootings.
N.Y. Times

The level of security you have on just about any cell phone, smart or otherwise.

The likelihood some idiot posting on a social website will get someone killed. At least one soldier in Israel posted details of a pending combat operation on one of these sights prompting its cancellation.

Average misconduct rate for police officers as indicated by the National Misconduct and Reporting Project for 2009.

Dollars now being spent on security measures to protect property and employees by companies that moved to Juarez and other Mexican border towns to take advantage of “cheaper labor costs.”
Homeland Security Newswire

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1 Number of size D breast implants needed to slow down a bullet. NBC…