PTR, long known for their high-quality H&K-based .308 Win./7.62 NATO rifles and pistols, have just introduced a designated marksman rifle—the PTR91-MSR. This semiauto roller-lock-operated rifle is finished in a flat dark earth tone with an 18-inch free-floated target barrel, 8-inch integrated receiver mounted Picatinny top rail for optics as well as a polymer cheekpiece/riser and H&K polymer navy-style trigger group and housing. It comes standard with a five-round magazine, vented handguard and sling swivels. Visit or call 860-676-1776 for more information.


Colt LE901
Colt is offering one of the most innovative new designs in the AR market. Their Colt LE901 rifle looks like a standard direct gas-impingement semiauto .308 Win.7.62 NATO AR rifle but the uniquely designed lower receiver allows for the operator to install and use any .223 Rem./5.56 NATO upper receiver with the use of a special receiver/magwell adapter and a change of buffer. The rifle in .308 Win. has a free-floated barrel and one-piece monolithic upper receiver with a full-length Picatinny rail. The .223 Rem upper receiver kit is available separately and includes the adapter you need for full interchangeability and it swaps out with no tools in less than 30 seconds. Visit or call 800-962-COLT for more information.


DPMS, which introduced their RECON 16 AR carbine last year, now has a new version in .308 Win./7.62 NATO for big bore fans. This rifle features all Magpul furniture a free-floated 16-inch stainless steel heavy barrel with a distinctive matte finish and an AAC quick-detach muzzle break for easily mounting a suppressor. The aluminum handguard has full length Picatinny rail on four sides and DPMS includes Magpul back up iron sights as well on this optics ready rifle. With a mid-length gas system this rifle promises to match the accuracy of its smaller cousin. For more information please visit or call 800-578-3767.


ATI .22 LR STG-44
Rimfire fans and history buffs alike will go apoplectic over American Tactical Imports’ latest offering, the .22 LR STG-44 historical reproduction rifle. Manufactured by German Sport Guns (GSG) the STG-44 is a faithful and accurate reproduction of one of the most famous rifles of World War II and arguably the world’s first real “assault” rifle. This version matches the nearly impossible to find original in almost all dimensions and appearances with the exception of the caliber. It even ships disassembled in a battle-ready wooden shipping crate with the logo prominently displayed. Visit or call 800-290-0065 for more info on these unique rifles.


Black Rain Ordnance BRO-PG14
Precision firearm maker Black Rain Ordnance has a complete line of custom AR rifles and recently introduced several new models, most notable however is the BRO-PG14 in .308 Win./7.62 NATO. This semi-auto direct gas-impingement rifle features an 18-inch free-floated stainless steel fluted match barrel, which helps reduce weight and increase heat dissipation. The machined billet aluminum upper and lower receivers have a Norguard finish that is available in a variety of patterns and with Magpul furniture. The monolithic quad-rail handguard also provides ample space for bipods and accessories and the top full length Picatinny rail. For more information please visit or call 888-836-2620.


EOtech Zombie

Every once in a while a manufacturer is intuitive enough about their customer base to know that certain products, though not necessarily more functional, capture the essence of what their patrons love. Available now, the new Zombie holoscope from EOTech is just such a product. While the crisp biohazard reticle may not enhance performance over a traditional reticle, it sure does embody the “cool” factor, and we’re sure a lot of customers will appreciate it. Besides the biohazard reticle, the scope bears the same icon in white atop the scope window hood; powered by a single CR123 battery. Additionally, EOTech unveiled a new magnifier for their scopes. Rather than the old pivoting swing mount, the new 3x MSS1 magnifier utilizes a lengthwise hinge on one side of the Picatinny plane, so that the magnifier may be instantly flipped over to the side, out of the way for the fast acquisition at close quarters for which the EOTechs are famous. The base mounts to the rail via a throw-lever mount. For more information, visit, or call 734-741-8868.


Smith and Wesson Galaxy Ray Micro Tactical Flashlight Tool
Truly, sometimes good things do come in small packages. There’s nothing worse than being caught in the dark when you need to see what you’re doing. Law enforcement officers and the general populace alike can appreciate this fact of life, and a tiny, powerful light so compact that it can go everywhere on a key ring has obvious value. Smith & Wesson’s new Galaxy Ray light, with an ultra-compact knurled aircraft-aluminum water-resistant body with either black or silver anodized finish, and a recessed lanyard-type attachment point fits the bill nicely. The light is available in either a white or red LED which is surprisingly bright for its size, with a run-time of about 24 hours; after about 2 hours of constant runtime, the brightness drops off to approximately 70%, but continues to run for a full day. The Galaxy Ray comes with a short chain, which may be instantly snapped onto a key ring, belt loop, or any other small diameter attachment point. A similar Micro Tactical Flashlight Tool is also being sold as an accessory to larger personal tactical lights—the Micro Tactical Flashlight Tool has a glass-break tip for home or auto, with a single LED light at the opposite end. A pocket clip helps secure the Micro. It would seem the Micro would also be an attractive stand-alone item, and one can only hope it will be offered for sale as such in the future. For more information, visit, or call 866-258-9090.


ASP FL1 Standard

One of the newest offerings from ASP is their FL1 Standard Tactical Light, part of their Triad family of flashlights. The FL1 is the world’s first micro USB rechargeable tactical lights, making it viable in a myriad of conditions and negating the need to purchase expensive batteries. The light comes replete with zippered nylon case, a car-port and wall-plug adaptor to recharge under almost any circumstances; even if users find themselves working in an overseas capacity, the USB charger will be a universal solution. A European-type wall charger adaptor is an available option. The FL1’s water-resistant body is machined from 6160 aluminum, and features a foam grip for a positive grasp and insulation from heat for the user. This powerful light douses its subject with 300 lumens of white light with a 2-hour runtime and 45-minute recharge time; power comes from a lithium ion battery. (No memory issues) For on-duty carry, the FL1 comes with a polycarbonate holster capable of 360-degree rotation on its mount and adjustable to various belt widths. The FL1 standard gives unparalleled performance for its price point of $125.00 For more information, visit, or call 800-236-6243.



Primary Weapons System’s Mk 109 SBR has proved to be a very popular item among customers this year, along with its longer carbine version. The Mk 109 is a gas-piston gun with a push-rod system, which PWS calls their Long Stroke Gas Piston. This set-up reduces the number of working parts involved, making the pushrod/piston part of the bolt carrier, resulting in improved weapon balance and eliminating carrier tilt. More significantly, the Mk 109 SBR is chambered for the new 300 Blackout round, which amounts to a larger diameter, heavier bullet in the same length case as the 5.56, which means magazines of the same dimensions as the standard 5.56 may be used, while giving similar ballistics to the Russian 7.62×39 round. The Mk 109 is fitted with Magpul MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) T Rail covers, MBUIS (Magpul Back Up Iron Sights) Generation 2 sights, a Bravo Company Mod 4 latch and Gunfighter charging handle, and PWS’ own Triad flash hider which flattens muzzle climb. Retail is $1,699.00 for black hard-coat anodized finish, $1,899.00 for flat-dark earth Cerakote, and is available now. The MK109 SBR and carbine also chamber the 300 Whisper round; the 300 Blackout round is currently being loaded by Remington, Gun Ammo, and Hornady. Visit for more information.


Magpul Shotgun Accessory Line

Magpul’s MOE (Magpul, Original Equipment) SAL (Shotgun Accessory Line) 870 accessories include a fore grip, butt stock and 3 sling mounting points. The foregrip features texturing and front and rear stops, and retails for $29.95; the sling mounts are fixed Melonite-coated mounts and retail for $19.95, and the buttstock is an STR (Storage Type Restricted) MOE unit with an adjustable cheek riser and adjustable length-of-pull (from 12.5 to 14.5 inches) which retails for $99.95. For more information, please visit, or call 877-462-4785.


LWRC International
For 2012, the LWRC 8.5-inch PSD in 5.56mm has undergone a significant makeover with several new features. The upper receiver has been redesigned to improve the integration of the free float rail. The rail itself has been significantly improved. The traditional quad rail has been replaced with a rounded, low profile, hand guard that has provisions for short sections of rail to be installed to meet the end user’s needs. The shortened buffer tube and stock that were originally developed for the UCIW has now been incorporated into the new PSD. Visit for more information.


The buzz of the show has been the SIG ACP or Adaptive Carbine Platform. The ACP consists of chassis assembly most standard pistols that are equipped with an accessory rail to be converted into a PDW weapon in a matter of seconds. The chassis is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and features accessory rails on all four quadrants. The design allows the user to retain access to the pistols frame mounted controls. The ACP-LE version features a top folding stock that is regulated under NFA. As shown in the photograph, the muzzle aperture of the ACP allows for the mounting of a suppressor further enhancing the mission capabilities of the system. Visit for more information.


A conversation with SIG representative also brought good news concerning the SBR market. The company has decided to offer their complete line of short-barrel carbines to the commercial market. Any SIG dealer that is authorized to handle NFA weapons can stock and sell these great little rifles to any qualified buyer. Check with your local dealer about the specifics. Visit for more information.


Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation
One of the pleasant surprises of the show was the presence of Jannelle Cooper and daughter Lindy Cooper-Wisdom. Both were set up at the Harris booth to promote the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to “preserve, protect, and defend the principle of self-reliance and the individual right of self-defense.” These were the principles that Jeff espoused and lived by. Many years ago, Jeff, and many of his cadre, helped launch a new magazine called “Combat Handguns!” There contributions gave CH the credibility and helped make it what it has become in 2012. It was great to visit with Jannelle and Lindy and to know that “The Colonel’s” philosophy will continue to live on in future generations. Visit for more information.


American Classic (Eagle Imports) 1911 Commander .45 ACP
Imported from the Philippines, the American Classic Commander is one fine looking 1911, with all the quality of fit and finish you would expect on a domestic handgun. The Duo-Tone model has a hard chrome finished forged 4140 steel slide and deep blue 4140 steel frame. The mahogany grip panels have a diamond-checkered pattern and the grip frame has a serrated, flat mainspring housing. Standard features include an extended manual safety and slide release catch, extended beavertail grip safety, beveled magazine well, commander-style hammer and the combat trigger is adjustable for over-travel. The 4.25-inch barrel is hammer forged and throated with overall length at 7.5 inches and an empty weight of 35.2 ounces. The rear sight is a fixed Novak-style and the front sight rides in a dovetail, plus the ejection port is flared and lowered. An 8-round magazine with a bumper pad is included—lots of “custom” touches for an MSRP of $661.00. Call 732-493-0302 or visit


Colt 01911WC Series 70 Wiley Clapp Model in .45 ACP
Following on the heels of last year’s Wiley Clapp Series 70 Lightweight Commander 1911, the well-known gun scribe has designed a new full-size Series 70 for 2012. It has many of the same features found on the previous gun, but now sports a 5-inch National Match barrel. It has a polished blue slide and matte blue frame; the grip frame has 25 LPI checkering on the frontstrap and mainspring housing, plus the heel of the mainspring housing is radiused. There’s also a beveled magazine well, standard GI safety and slide release catches, Commander Hammer, extended grip safety, plus a Novak Wide Notch rear sight and brass bead front sight. Where the triggerguard and frontstrap intersect, there’s a relief cut for shooter comfort and the walnut grips have an ergonomic tactical oval shape with a special checkering pattern and laser-cut Colt logo. Two 8-round magazines accompany each gun and MSRP is about $1,500.00. For additional information call 800-962-COLT or visit


DoubleStar Corp. DSC Combat 1911 Pistol in .45 ACP
DoubleStar Corporation (DSC) has been making guns in their Winchester, Kentucky plant since 1999. Besides AR-type rifles, they have a line of 1911 Combat pistols that are equipped with many of the “bells and whistles” frequently requested by LEO’s and shooting competitors. The satin nickel-plated model boasts impressive accuracy and handling characteristics. It is full-size with a 5-inch stainless steel barrel that is machined from bar stock by Storm Lake and OA length is 8.75 inches and empty weight is 39 ounces. The slide and frame are forged from 4140 steel, the grip panels are black G10 with a “pocked” pattern, and the frontstrap and flat magazine housing have 25 LPI checkering for a secure hold. The frame dustcover has an integral 1913 rail to mount a light or laser sight. Extended thumb safety and slide stop catch comes standard, as does a funneled magazine well and memory groove beavertail grip safety. The fixed sights are Novak Lo-Mount rear and post front sight with the familiar 3-dot arrangement; the magazine is also from Novak and holds 8 cartridges. A blue model sells for $1,449.00 add for $150 for nickel. Call 859-745-1757 for questions or go to


Para-USA Black Ops Hi-Capacity 14-45 1911 in .45 ACP
You can never have too much ammo in a gunfight and with this new Para Black Ops Hi-Cap, you get 14+1 rounds of .45 ACP firepower. Para-USA is more committed than ever to offer the best handgun money can buy. They have added improvements to their 1911 pistols such as an ultra-hard Ionbond finish, an EGW-made Heavy Duty (HD) extractor, match trigger with over-travel adjustment, skeletonized commander hammer and VZ-made, aggressively textured G-10 grips. This full-size auto has a 5-inch barrel and is 8.5 inches in OA length and weighs 41 oz. empty. It comes with night sights, the slide is serrated front and rear, the stainless steel receiver has an integral accessory rail, and the front strap and flat mainspring housing have 25 LPI checkering. Other Black Ops 1911 models have a classic single-stack 8+1 round capacity and night sights or a fully adjustable rear sight combined with a fiber-optic front sight. MSRP on the 14-45 is $1,299.00 and you can get more information by phoning 704-930-7600 or visiting


Rock River Arms 1911 Poly in .45 ACP
After a hiatus of some three years, Rock River Arms is back in the handgun business with a revolutionary new 1911 auto-loader that features a polymer frame and main spring housing with optional interchangeable colors such as tan and OD green. The sub-assembly will comprise of a 4140 steel billet frame insert, which will be paired with a 4140 steel billet slide with rear serrations. The 5-inch stainless steel barrel has a 1:16 left-hand twist. The pistol is equipped with rubber overmolded grips for a positive feel under all conditions. It also features a beavertail grip safety, extended thumb safety, commander hammer, and a polymer-shoed 4.5-pound trigger. Front and rear sights are of a RRA design and all steel components have a Parkerized finish; empty weight is 2.04 pounds. The new gun will come with one 7-round magazine and it appears a package will be available with a plastic case and a polymer holster, magazine carrier and magazine loader. The approximate retail price will be in the $800.00 range. Call 309-792-5780 or visit for more information.


Burris Unleashes the Eliminator III Ballistic Laserscope
Burris further upgraded its computer-driven Eliminator laserscope for 2012, giving it a sleek new design, new ergonomic activation buttons, parallax adjustments from 50 yards to infinity, and enhanced extreme-range ballistic programming. All these improved features and designs add up to the all-new 4-16x50mm Eliminator III, which delivers split-second automatic trajectory compensation technology to help hunters place the most ethical shots possible. With its X96 reticle technology, riflemen can shoot farther with more accuracy and confidence at all magnifications. In fact, its windage compensation innovations and consistent magnification allow it to be deadly accurate at greater distances than ever before. In addition, its range estimating for hard objects are spot-on out to 1,200 yards. For deer-size targets, its range-estimation is reliable out to 750-plus yards. The Eliminator III measures 15.75 inches in length, weighs 26 ounces, and has a field of view of 25 feet, 7 inches at 100 yards. Contact Burris at 970-356-1670 or visit


Steiner Introduces Military 5-25x-56mm Riflescope
The new Steiner Military 5-25x56mm riflescope is designed for long-range, tactical and sniper rifles in combat environments. It extends a shooter’s effective range and provides outstanding visibility, even in the lowest light conditions. The Steiner Military riflescope lineup, which debuted in 2011, was designed by Steiner with input from Special Forces and international weapons experts. Other scopes in the lineup include the 1-4x24mm, 3-12x50mm, 3-12x56mm and 4-16x50mm models. These riflescopes feature a rugged 34mm one-piece extruded aluminum main tube and world-class Steiner optical elements. An illuminated, glass-etched Mil-Dot reticle is standard, and it’s located on the front focal plane. Its windage knob is calibrated for up to 5 mils of adjustment for left and right adjustment. The elevation knob offers up to 19.5 mils of adjustment over two turret revolutions. This scope is fully waterproof to 10 meters and shockproof to 900 G’s. It’s also nitrogen-filled and internally fogproof. Contact Steiner Optik at 970-356-1670; or visit


Nightforce Introduces MOAR Reticle
Nightforce’s new MOAR reticle features a floating center crosshair that’s two minutes of angle (MOA) wide and two MOA tall, providing a precise aiming point, especially on smaller targets at longer ranges. One-MOA elevation and windage spacings make for more accurate rangefinding and hold-offs compared to ordinary reticles with coarser markings. The MOAR has thicker line subtensions than some traditional Nightforce reticles, and it’s marked with 10, 20 and 30 MOA elevation indicators and 10 and 20 windage indicators. This makes it fast and easy to use under field conditions. Shooters will find the MOAR design more intuitive and easier to see in low light. It’s also more visible against dark backgrounds and in shadows than other MOA-based reticles. Three, six and nine o’clock posts also aid in speed and target acquisition. Contact Nightforce at 208-476-9814 or visit


Bushnell Introduces Elite 3.5-21×50 Tactical Scope
Bushnell’s new Elite 3.5-21×50 Tactical scope measures a compact 13.2 inches for great maneuverability but still delivers acute clarity and top performance for work at intermediate to long ranges. These scopes feature tactical turrets for rapid adjustments, blacked-out finish for optimum concealment, and a variety of reticles for close-quarter combat or long-range shooting. They also feature “wide band coating” to boost brightness at dusk and dawn, plus argon purging for reliable performance whatever the conditions. The ET35215M model comes in a black matte finish, a 3-inch sunshade, and a mil-dot reticle. It also features a .1 mil click and side-parallax adjustments. The ET35215G model features a g2dMR reticle, a black matte finish, and .1 mil click adjustments, side parallax adjustments and 3-inch sunscreen. Contact Bushnell at 800-221-9035 or visit


Rocky Debuts Touch-Screen Compatible Glove
If you’re tired of having to remove a glove every time you need to use a touch-screen device, check out the new Touch-Screen Compatible Glove from Rocky. These stretch-back gloves feature a touch-screen compatible material on their index finger and thumb so your hands can stay comfortable when you’re using mobile devices in cold weather. These gloves, which are part of Rocky’s new “Athletic Mobility” collection, are designed for active environments. They also feature a synthetic leather palm, power grip PU, neoprene knuckles and cuffs, and adjustable Velcro back. They’re currently available in Realtree AP and Mossy Oak Infinity. Contact Rocky at 800-848-9452, or visit


Bushnell Introduces G-Force 1300 Rangefinder
Bushnell’s G-Force 1300 ARC has already been touted as the world’s most accurate laser rangefinder technology, and now it has also been turbocharged for faster, more accurate ranging than ever. Bushnell’s all-new E.S.P. (Extreme, Speed, Precision) uses a Turboprocessor that delivers industry-leading half-yard accuracy and 1/10-yard display precision. The G-Force 1300 also enhances the trusted ARC system (Angle Range Compensation) to provide confidence and deadly accuracy for long shots at any angle. The G-Force 1300 features Bushnell’s bright VDT display, and a metal frame that makes it virtually indestructible and effective out to 1,300 yards. Contact Bushnell at 800-221-9035 or visit


Energizer Unveils Carabiner LED Area Light

Energizer’s new Carabiner LED Area Light can be hung almost anywhere to illuminate a small room or outdoor area when you need to read maps or plot maneuvers for nighttime operations. This new light features three light modes and offers 360-degree illumination and a high/low setting. It can also be used as a standard flashlight when activating its nose light, which delivers a beam distance of 20 yards. Its carabiner clip allows hands-free operation and its slim design provides maximum portability. It’s powered by four AAA batteries, and comes packed with Energizer MAX batteries. Its bright white LEDs deliver up to 50 lumens when in “area light” mode. It features waterproof construction, and a five-hour runtime when in its high-area light mode. Contact Energizer at 800-383-7323, or visit


Wenger Powers Up New 2012 Solar Charger Line

Wenger, maker of the genuine Swiss Army Knife, introduces a complete family of solar chargers for emergency power when conducting off-the-grid operations. By converting sunlight to power they provide a never-ending energy supply for prolonged time afield. They’re also sturdy, made of robust, flexible and waterproof polycrystalline solar panels. The new line features three models: the Standard (two panels), Top (four panels) and Pro (six panels). The Standard charger generates 2.25 watts; the Top, 4.5 watts; and the Pro, 6.75 watts. All are small enough to pack for remote patrols but large enough to charge phones, tablets, GPS units and more. Each includes a high-capacity lithium battery that accumulates and stores generated power. Each also includes a retractable USB connector and five adapters. Contact Wenger at 800-431-2996 or visit


EOTech Unleashes Tactical Shotgun LED Forend Light
EOTech unveils the first integrated forend light (IFL) for tactical shotguns, allowing warfighters and law-enforcement officers to illuminate the area around them with one fingertip tap. The IFL uses ambidextrous on/off pressure pads on the forend. It can be set for constant on, momentary light, strobe and off. In high-pressure situations, simply tap the pressure pads to activate the light. This can be done without adjusting your grip. The hand is always on the forend, at the ready, making this integrated light ideal for close-quarters combat or home protection. These integrated lights are available in 125- or 200-lumen outputs, and run on one CR123 lithium battery for at least 90 minutes. They’re waterproof to 1 meter, and feature a custom texture so you won’t lose contact in high-pressure situations. It fits the Mossberg 500/590 and the Remington 870. Contact EOTech at 888-368-4656 or visit


New S&W Classic Model 586
Smith & Wesson has added a new revolver to its legendary Classic line with the introduction of the Model 586. Deemed the Distinguished Combat Magnum when first introduced by S&W in 1980, the new revolver reunites collectors and .357 Magnum aficionados with one of the most sought after law enforcement firearms of its time. Manufactured with a carbon steel frame and cylinder along with a blue finish, the Classic Model 586 harkens back to an era when revolvers were predominately worn on the hips of law enforcement officers. As with the original, the new Classic revolver is chambered for six rounds of .357 Magnum or .38 Special. Available with a 4-inch or 6-inch barrel configuration, the Model 586 features a smooth single-action and a crisp double-action trigger pull that is the hallmark of every Smith & Wesson revolver. On top of the frame, the revolver features an adjustable white outline rear sight and a red ramp front sight for a clear, precise sight picture. Much like the original, the Classic Model 586 is standard with an authentic square-butt design and is packaged with checkered wood grips containing the S&W medallion. The retro-revolver is also standard with a serrated backstrap for improved firearm control when shooting heavy magnum loads. For more information visit


Rock Island Armory 1911 A2 Model 22 TCM

The Model 1911 has been around for over 100 years but there has never been a 1911 quite like the Rock Island ArnoryTCM. It is chambered in a new Armscor USA proprietary cartridge, the .22 TCM, which leaves the specially built 1911 A2 model’s barrel at a screaming 2,050 fps. The TCM uses a double-stack magazine holding 17 rounds of the new necked down, high-velocity 40-grain lead hollow point cartridges. Available in a Government Model and Commander version (shown) with 4.25-inch barrel, the TCM features a skeletonized trigger and hammer, adjustable sights, and oversized beavertail grip safety. Developed to go after the FN Five-seveN market with an all US-designed and made cartridge and handgun based on the popular 1911 platform and is a completely locked breech design unlike the blowback design if the FN. The TCM (Tuason Craig Micro Magnum). Designer Fred Craig says that the .22 TCM is a stronger cartridge then the 5.7x28mm with 25 percent more power and greater accuracy. The TCM was also designed from the ground up to be a pistol cartridge, so it has a shorter more truncated bullet head. The 1911-style slide and the barrel are forged. The Rockwell on the slide and barrel is about 44 RC to hold up to the high pressures of the .22 TCM cartridge. The guns use an adjustable Novak rear sight and white dot front. With more than 900 ft. lb. of energy, the .22 TCM is ideally suited to use for personal defense as it has excellent penetration but the jacketed soft hollow point bullet makes the .22 TCM almost a frangible round. For more information visit or call 775 537-1444.


Sig Sauer P244
The new Sig P224 is the first true subcompact in is Sig’s classic all-metal firearms line. Ideal for concealed or off-duty carry, the P224 offers all of the features consumers expect, with one small change. Based on the P229, one of the most prolific side arms in federal law enforcement, the P224 takes the same hammer-fire reliability and lightweight all-metal frame and puts them in a subcompact package with all of the familiar Sig controls and functions. Despite its small size, the P224 maintains a double-stack magazine for a capacity of 11 rounds of 9mm, and 10 rounds of .40S&W or .357 SIG giving the P224 a decided advantage over most subcompacts. Newer model P229 magazines can also be used for an even greater round count. The P224 may be a smaller P229 but it gives up none of the larger models performance features. Featuring a lightweight alloy frame, the P224 will be available in a number of configurations. Initial models will have the Double-Action Kellerman (DAK) trigger and be chambered in .40S&W. and .357SIG. Traditional DA/SA triggers, and 9mm options will be available in the future. The P224 also utilizes full-size SIGLITE Night Sights to deliver pinpoint accuracy. Available in four models, the SAS (pictured) Duo-Tone with nickel slide and controls, and Sig Extreme and Equinox finishes. Priced from $1,125 to $1,218. For more information visit or find Sig on Facebook at


Pedersoli Coach Gun

You might not think of Civil War soldiers being armed with these abbreviated weapons, but the U.S. Cavalry and the Confederate Cavalry often carried a short-barreled, double hammer, single trigger percussion model known as a “Baker Style” Coach Gun. For 2012 Davide Pedersoli has introduced an authentic copy of the Baker with a full walnut shoulder stock and cut down 11.25-inch barrels. Copied from the original c. 1850 design the Pedersoli featured bright blued barrels, brass bead front sight, color casehardened furniture and hammer and blued trigger and triggerguard. The new model will be available from Dixie Gun Works. For more information visit

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