Working our way through the exhibits at the Sands Expo Convention Center in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, here’s what we’re seeing on day two:


Lenco BearCat
Featuring a 6.4L V8 diesel engine with 350 horsepower, four-wheel drive operation and run-flat tires, the Lenco BearCat Armored Vehicle offers law enforcement agencies a highly capable tactical vehicle.

The vehicle features a body and glass resistant to rounds up to 7.62x51mm, With rotating hatches and multiple gun ports, as well as a floor and fuel tank armored against blasts, the BearCat can reach speeds of 90 mph and has an approach angle of 41 degrees. For more information, visit or call 800-444-5362.


Ruger LC9
Ruger introduces the much anticipated 9mm version of its popular .380 LCP “Light Compact Pistol.” The new LC9 9mm is only slightly larger than the LCP, less than 1-inch in both height and length, and packs a 7 +1 capacity. The same technology used in the LCP; a blued, through hardened slide and one-piece glass filled nylon grip frame, help keep the LC9 light weight at just 17.10 oz. Improvements in the LC9 include new white dot high visibility dovetailed front and rear sights, a removable finger grip magazine extension, and a slide that locks back after the last shot. The best feature of all may be the price, just $443.  Visit


Radom Model 96 Mini Beryl
This select-fire, ultra-short 5.56x45mm carbine from Radom combines the best elements of the Kalashnikov design with Poland’s finest manufacturing and engineering techniques. The PDW-style carbine employs a folding stock that also can collapsed for length of pull and a Picatinny rail forend system. Also of note is the optic-mount above the receiver that attaches at two points, at the rear of the receiver and the rear sight base, for maximum optical stability. Unfortunately for US consumers, this rifle is restricted to use by LE and military units. Visit for more information.


ATI FX Fat Boy
For .45 ACP fans, American Tactical Imports has a new compact high capacity 1911 pistol called the FX Fat Boy available with both 10- and 12-round magazines. These will also appeal to the concealed carry market with Commander length grips, and a 3.2-inch bull flared barrel with no bushing. This gun is all 4140 steel with a matte black finish and features snag-free low-profile three-dot sights, lowered and flared ejection port, extended beavertail grip safety, skeletonized aluminum trigger, and round hammer. MSRP is $629.95. For more information visit or call 800-290-0065.

Kahr CM9

Capitalizing on the concealed carry market is KAHR’s new CM9 pistol in 9mm, basically the CW version of their popular PM9. This polymer framed semi-auto compact pistol will ship with one (instead of two) 6 + 1 capacity magazine. Other significant cost savings for the consumer come from the traditional rifling instead of polygonal and it has a metal injection molded (instead of machined) slide stop/release. Other cost savings include a pinned in polymer front sight and simplified engraving on the slide. MSRP is $559. For more information contact or call 508-795-3919.

Taurus Raging Judge
Clearly 410 bore revolvers are for wimps. Now Taurus has introduced a massive five shot 28 gauge revolver called the Raging Judge. According to Taurus “Personal protection, home defense, sport shooting and more” are all easy work” for this angry jurist. This gun features a 6.5-inch shrouded barrel, high visibility fiber optic front sight, and a cushioned insert grip. Available in blued and stainless steel this is a traditional double/single action revolver. With an unloaded weight of 67 oz. this will get you noticed. MSRP is $586. For more information contact or call 305-624-1115.


Walther PPQ
New from Walther is their black Tenifer coated PPQ pistol. A 9mm and .40 S&W striker fired semi auto with a light short trigger system with an audible and short reset. The PPQ also has ambidextrous paddle magazine release and slide lock/release, interchangeable backstrap, and front and rear slide serrations. The PPQ Limited version comes loaded with extra features including a threaded barrel, a non-functional suppressor, 17-round and 15-round magazines, and night sights. MSRP for the Limited, which is only available in 9mm, is $899. The standard PPQ will retail for $729. For more information visit or call 800-372-6454.


Remington 870 Shotgun Breachers Kit
Remington LE Division had their 870 Shotgun Breachers Kit on display.  What’s new with this kit is that it comes from Remington with all the bells and whistles you’d want on a breaching shotgun – barrel stand-off, ambidextrous sling, expandable stock, flat-top receiver for whatever sight you choose, you just have to supply the operator and breaching rounds.  Also from Remington is a 14” barrel shotgun with new lower profile rifled sights.  These high visibility but low profile sights are quick on target and combined with the shorter barrel are perfect for today’s smaller patrol cars.  For more check out their website at or call 336-548-8899.

Mossberg Aimpro Shotguns
Mossberg had on display several new shotguns from their custom shop Aimpro Tactical.  Mike Shain from Aimpro showed off two new Mossberg 930 semi-auto shotguns —one sporting a pistol-grip stock with custom ghost ring rear sight and a fiber optic front sight developed by Aimpro, the other 930 with a standard polymer stock but an InSight MRDS (Mini Red Dot Sight) on a custom mount fabricated by Shain and his team. The forends on both shotguns feature Picatinny rails for the addition of lights, lasers or sling mounts. You can check out all of Mossberg’s shotgun line at or

KelTec KSG Shotgun

Okay, what’s better than a 12 gauge shotgun for serious social encounters?  How about a 15-shot 12 gauge?  Kel-Tec has unveiled their KSG bull-pup shotgun with twin magazines.  You can stuff seven 2 ¾-inch high brass shells in one magazine then switch to the other magazine for another seven, with one in the chamber that gives this pump shotgun a 15 round capacity.  Overall length is only 26.1” overall with an 18.5” barrel.  Weight loaded with 15 shells is 8.5 lbs.  The KSG has good ergonomics and a well designed cross-bolt safety.  The only bad thing is we have to wait until the third quarter of this year to get our hands on it.  Kel-Tec’s website is or call 321-631-0068 for more.

Altamont 1911 Tactical Grips

Known for their thorough line of custom-style handguns grips and rifles stocks, Altamont has recently released their line of Tactical 1911 Grips—featuring such advanced materials as G10 and employing grip-enhancing patterns such as ribbing, grooves, finger-wraparound checkering patches, and combinations of the aforementioned to name just a few. For more information, visit or call 800-626-5774.


Viridian X5L and X5L-RS
The all-new X5L from Viridian, designed for use on handguns, features a 154-lumen full-beam light with strobe capability that runs at 187 lumens paired up with a green laser unit fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The unit, featuring an aluminum body, weighs in a 34 ozs. and measures 2.84” in length and employs ambidextrous activation. Also new from Viridian is the X5L-RS, a variant designed for use on long gun Picatinny rails. It uses a two-button pressure pad that puts light and laser control easily within reach. For more information, visit or call 800-990-9390.


XS Sights on the new Colt Officer Model
If you are going to play with guns, any sights will do. If you are going to fight with guns, you need XS Sights. Colt’s Manufacturing Company, historically a leading manufacturer of firearms designed for personal defense, has partnered with XS Sight Systems of Fort Worth, Texas. The classic Colt officers model is now available from the factory with XS 24/7 Big Dot Sights. For more information contact Colt’s Manufacturing Company at 800-962-COLT (2658) or


Odor Control Clothing Line
The odor control clothing line from Hunter’s Specialties has taken a tactical turn. The TEK-4 odor control shirt, boxers, and head net are now available in black. The TEK-4 odor control clothing line is the most advanced on the market. Not only are these undergarments manufactured with permanently bonded silver antimicrobial yarns for unmatched odor control, they are also equipped with breathable wicking agents. The odor control clothing line from Hunter’s Specialties is also designed to fit the female form. For more information contact Hunter’s Specialties at 319-395-0321 or


Birchwood Casey Targets
Birchwood Casey offers two new targets for handgun practice. Their Dirty Bird 6 ins. x 10 ins. Silhouette Targets are specifically designed for short-range training. Each shot “splatters” in a white halo for quick and easy bullet placement. These targets come in 25-count packs for. Their EZE-SCORER Shadow Target comes in two popular designs; scoring rings over a torso area, or target areas over the upper chest and head areas. These targets measure 12 ins. x 18 ins., and come in either 10-packs of 100-count bulk packs. Meanwhile Birchwood Casey unveils their Dirty Bird Shadow Targets. Perfect for all shooting or training applications, their black-on-white targets “splatter” white upon bullet impact. Targets measure 12 ins. x 18 ins. These targets are packed in 8-packs for or 100-count bulk packs for. Another target offered by Birchwood Casey is their 19.25 ins. X 24 ins. versions. These targets come with either a blue background and white target area, or blue target area with white background. Learn more online at, or call 800-328-6156.


MGM Self-Righting Sniper Target

Mike Gibson Manufacturing introduces the first pneumatic self-righting sniper target. The 3/8 AR500 steel target is capable of handling up to .338 Lapua Magnum rounds, and a thicker (up to 1-inch) model is capable of handling .50 BMG rounds. This unit operates on a refillable CO2 cylinder, and can reset up to 450 times on a single cylinder filling. It features an adjustable reset time between three and nine seconds The silhouette target measures 12 x 24 inches. Retail price is $1,495, and you can learn more at, or by calling 206-454-0555.

Air Cushion Delivers Comfort for Patrols and Stake-Outs
Whether sitting on uncomfortable chairs during cold stakeouts or riding for hours in a police cruiser or military vehicle, warfighters and police can take comfort in the Comftable Seat/Table air-cushion from Ry-Ky Products. This rugged air-cushion features a specially designed recessed area that relieves pressure on the tailbone, which helps reduce or eliminate back pain. Users can adjust the Comftable unit to their personal preference by inflating or deflating the seat in increments. The Comftable folds into a small carrying case that comes with a carabiner belt clip. For more information, contact Ry-Ky Products, (828) 649-2113, or visit

Tactical Blanket System Delivers Wall of Protection
The Tactical Blanket System by Instant Armor Inc. gives first-responders a bullet-proof wall to shield them as they rescue people from shootouts or other hostile situations. The “1st Responder” model weighs 60 pounds, measures 51 inches high by 106 inches long, and pops together in minutes with no special tools. This model folds into a 15x52x4-inch package to fit into a police cruiser’s trunk. For more information on the Tactical Blanket System, contact Instant Armor Inc., (805) 526-3046, or visit


X3 Anchor Stakes Allow Shelter on Any Surface
The X3 Anchor Stakes from MMI Outdoor allow warfighters to set up tents, shelters and camouflage netting on nearly any surface.
Unlike standard stakes that failed in Afghanistan’s harsh environments, the flexible and lightweight X3 stakes deflect off hard objects and keep drilling down. They’re made from an especially durable, high-strength plastic that delivers the benefits of titanium at a fraction of the cost. The stakes measure 9 inches, weigh only 0.8 ounce, and can be removed by hand or with aid from a multi-tool. For more information, contact MMI Outdoor, 800-826-0446 or visit


StressVest Delivers Reality-Based Training
The StressVest teaches police officers and warfighters how to deal with pain and stress in hazardous situations by delivering situational-specific electrical jolts during live-training exercises.
When students fire a laser at the StressVest with a handgun, the location of the hit determines how much pain the wearer experiences. The electrical settings are fully adjustable. Thus, students making better shots will encounter less resistance from the “perpetrator” than they will if they hit the perp in less-debilitating areas. Likewise, when students wear the StressVest, they learn how to shoot more accurately while dealing with shocks and vibrations emitted from the StressVest.
For more information, contact StressVest Inc., 204-336-0011, or visit


All-Purpose Light Strips Aid Nighttime Battlefield Identification
The All-Purpose Adhesive Light Strip (APALS) from Brite-Strike was designed by military operators who needed a reliable, low-cost, long-lasting combat identifier that could be easily attached anywhere on warfigthers’ helmets. With visible light and true infrared capabilities, APALS greatly improve soldiers’ and airmen’s ability to safely identify “friendlies” while engaging hostile forces. APALS are completely submersible and dustproof, and designed to work in the worst possible conditions. These disposable devices run 35 hours before needing to be replaced. For more information, contact Brite-Strike Technologies, 508-746-8701, or visit


Lyman Targets

TargDots, a division of Lyman, offers the Original TargetMan Multi-Target Stand. Lyman’s Targetman target stand makes shooting more fun than ever before. This easy to use target frame is designed for any type of informal shooting with air guns, archery, slingshots and 22 rimfire, even small caliber centerfire. It comes packed with a variety of paper targets, fluorescent target pasters, and balloons. The target stand comes with enough special mounting clips that you can mount any kind of target including clay birds or even empty cans. Its ultra strong steel construction design assembles in minutes. The MSRP is 17.95.  Lyman also introduces the Dualist, resetting target. Designed for .22 rimfire pistol and rifle, this resettable target lets two shooters have a safe duel. When one shooter hits the target plate, the other plate is locked in the upright position. No questions about who won the duel. Simply shoot the lower reset plate to ready the Duelist Competition Target Stand for the next duel. Rugged, steel construction assures years of shooting fun.
The MSRP is $33.25, and can be found online at

Insight Technology

One of Technology’s newest products is their WL1AA Strobe handgun weapon light and light/laser combo unit.  The WL1AA is available as just a light, or a light and an M6X green laser combo with the added feature of a disorienting strobe function. The light features a quick-release rail grabber, a mounting system that is preferred for its solid attachment and versatility. Insight also has a combination forend/tactical light project in the works in conjunction with Mossberg for their tactical shotguns. For more information, visit or call 877-744-4802.



Brand new from Phoebus Company is their Lunetta-A LED tactical hand-held light.  This light is designed to be their premiere light for patrol officers, but would also well serve military and search and rescue scenarios. The Lunetta-A is a rechargeable unit, which may charge from A/C or D/C sources by plugging its adaptor directly into the port in its tail. The light features a forward shaft-mounted button that has a default of a high intensity setting; a second press of the button changes the setting to low. Pressing and holding the button activates the strobe function for a disorienting effect. The Lunetta-A has a run time of 2.5 hours and weighs in at 12 ounces. It is currently available, and retails for about $200.00. For more information, visit or call 415-550-0770.


Peerless has been around for some time, and the design of their cuffs has remained largely the same.  They have, however, released a new selection of colors to the line-up, which are applied via electrolytic polyurethane plating.  The cuffs are now available in yellow, orange, black, pink, red and blue, in both the chain and hinged models. Oddly enough, the firm claims that pink is the top seller… who knows—it’s quite possible that police officers enjoy seeing suspects wear them. The colored cuffs are available now at a retail of $40.00 for the chain models, and $60.00 for the hinged. For more information, please visit, or call 800-732-3705.


Night Armor Tactical Pen
New for 2011 from Smith & Wesson is their Night Armor Tactical Pen. The three-piece pen body is CNC machined from 6061 Airorated Aluminum and Type III hard anodized. The mid-section is knurled, and the tip is rotated to retract the pen point, or expose it for writing. When the top section is rotated, it activates an LED light which runs on a single AAA battery for 10 hours. The pen will retail for approx. $30.00, substantially lower than most pens of its type, and will be available in February of 2011. For more information, please visit, or call 800-331-0852.


Wiley X

A new addition to the Wiley X lineup of shooting/tactical glasses is their Talon model. The Talon comes with both clear and smoked impact resistant polycarbonate lenses of a new profile, which have passed the demanding STANAG V50 test, conducted with shots from a caliber 0.30 directly on the glasses. The Talon comes with a foam gasket that fits into the back side of the glasses, and a flexible insert which may be snapped into the rear of the frame instead of the gasket; the insert is designed to accept RX lenses. Its T90 Mil Spec frame is made from durable and lightweight Triloid nylon. The Talon is on the Army’s approved eyewear list, and is found in the national stock number list for the armed services.  Retail is $137.00, and a 40% discount is available for government agencies. For more information, please visit, or call 800-776-7842.


Hornaday Critical Defense Ammo
Well known for their sporting ammo, Hornady is making waves in the realm of personal defense ammo. Two new additions have been introduced, the 22 WMR and the 9×18 Makarov. The 22 WMR features Flex Tip technology for controlled expansion and is loaded with a 45-grain GR FTX bullet. The silver nickel-plated cases of the 22 WMR are easily visible in low-light situations. The 9×18 Makarov is unaffected by heavy clothing and is loaded with a 90-grain FTX, providing superior controlled expansion. For more information contact Hornady at 800-338-3220 or


.223 PDX1 Defender
Winchester has designed a personal defense cartridge using Split Core Technology, the .223 PDX1 Defender. The 60 grain cartridge travels at an impressive 2,750 feet per second. Designed for the AR-15 platform, the .223 PDX1 Defender offers a quick expansion front lead core and a bonded rear lead core. Retaining 70% of its weight, the .223 PDX1 Defender cartridge provides superior penetration and fragmentation. For more information contact Winchester at


Two New Ed Brown 1911s to Celebrate the Centennial
Legendary gun maker Ed Brown’s tribute to the Model 1911’s 100th birthday takes the form of two magnificent, handcrafted .45 ACPs built to honor the gun’s creator, John Moses Browning. Each of the 1911’s in the two series bear a JMB prefix in the serial number. The Executive Elite Centennial Edition (pictured above) includes all standard Ed Brown Executive Elite features, plus a laser engraved Centennial Edition signature and 1911 – 2011 on the left side of the slide, Custom by Ed Brown on the left side, solid trigger, plain black sights, jeweled barrel hood and Tru-Ivory grips. The Classic Custom Centennial Edition features hand relief engraving on the slide and frame, grip screws, and flats of the thumb safety, slide stop and magazine release, a custom rib on top of the slide, and Tru-Ivory grips. The Executive Elite sells for $2,995 and the Classic Custom for $6,995. Visit or call 537-565-3261.


Five New Holsters From Bianchi International
Semi-Autos and J-Frame S&W revolvers have five new ways to get around in 2011 with new pocket and belt rigs from the world famous Bianchi brand. First is a new pocket holster designed for J-Frame S&W (and J-Frame style) revolvers, along with versions for the Ruger LCP .38 revolver and LCP .380 Auto. Retail will be $29.75. Bianchi has also introduced a new Small of the Back rig designed for a variety of semi-autos including Model 1911s and Glocks. The canted, cutaway design provides a quick draw and good security. A new No. 57 canted belt rig (black holster) is designed to be worn at the 4 o’clock hip position and will be offered to fit a variety of semi-autos. It is priced at under $60. The new No. 56 Bianchi thumb break is designed for 1911s and similar style models, and will also be priced at under $60. The lowest priced Bianchi rig for 2011 is only $15 and offers a unique approach to concealed carry for small frame pistols. The flat leather panel actually uses the wearer’s belt as the back of the holster, while providing the necessary support to carry a small semi-auto flat against the body. For more, call 800-347-1200 or visit


And One From Safariland…
The brand new Safariland Model 5198 paddle holster is an open top design with a low cut front and molded detent for the triggerguard. The wide, curved paddle (a Safariland design) is contoured for a comfortable and secure fit worn at the 4 o’clock position. The rig also has a tension screw to tailor the fit for each gun. Check out for more information.


Savage Bear Hunter
Savage Arms introduces the Bear Hunter model to their Specialty Series of center-fire rifles. These rifles will sport Mossy Oak camoflage, and feature a muzzle brake that can be turned on or off by a simple twist of the device. The Model 16/116 Bear Hunter is a collaboration with Savage Pro-Staffer and renowned bear hunter Dick Scorzafava. This model features a 23-inch medium-contour, fluted barrel. It has an AccuTrigger and it’s polymer AccuStock is in Mossy Oak Infinity and the hinged floorplate features an attractive bear paw logo. It is available long action and short action in several popular bear hunting calibers, including Dick’s favorite 325 WSM. Suggested Retail $939 – $973. Check out for more information, or call 413-642-4262 for a catalog.


Blaser USA R8
Blaser USA introduces the R8 bolt-action .308 rifle. What sets this rifle apart from other Blaser bolt-actins is that the trigger group is part of the removable magazine. It has a velvet black anodized action, high-grade walnut stock with a Bavarian cheek piece, and other classic European styled features. A .308 model was trialed briefly before the SHOT Show on a running boar moving target and it handled superbly, with quick follow-up shots. Learn more at


Thompson/Center Venture
Thompson/Center launches the Venture with Weather Shield. This metal coating is impervious to rust, and withstands hard handling and abrasion. The calibers available in this bolt-action include 22-250, 243, 7mm-08, 30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, and 300 WSM. The medium actions sport 22-inch barrels, while the magnum versions feature 24-inch barrels. Overall length is 41 ¾ inches for the medium action length, and two inches more for magnums. The synthetic stock features traction panels, and installed Weaver bases come standard. Find out more at


Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., is proud to announce the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. Labeled the ideal “fighting carbine,” this .308 Winchester is a credible rendition of Col. Jeff Cooper’s Scout Rifle concept. While the Scout Rifle has M77 features such as controlled round feed and integral scope mounts (scope rings included), the 10-round detachable box magazine is the first clue this isn’t your grandfather’s Ruger rifle. The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle has a 16.5” barrel with a Mini-14 protected non-glare post front sight and receiver mounted, adjustable ghost ring rear sight. A forward mounted Picatinny rail offers options in mounting an assortment of optics. A Mini-14 flash suppressor reduces muzzle flash, and the 5/8-24 muzzle threads allow most standard .30 caliber muzzle accessories – flash suppressors, muzzle brakes, and sound suppressors – to be installed. For more information on the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, visit


S&W M&P .22’s
Smith & Wesson has added two more models to its popular line of .22 caliber M&P rifles, each featuring a Realtree® APG HD® camo finish. One of the rimfire rifles is complete with a pinned stock while the other features a six-position collapsible stock and an A2-style flash suppressor. Engineered on a high strength polymer upper and lower receiver, the M&P15-22 benefits from reduced weight while retaining the looks and familiar operating features of the standard M&P15 rifle. The new semi-automatic rifles feature a 16-inch barrel with a twist of 1 in 15 inches. Both versions of the M&P15-22 are standard with an A3-style flat top upper receiver, a quad-rail handguard for easily mounting optional accessories and an A2 pistol grip for improved firearm control. Learn more at

Samson Manufacturing Evolution Series Handguards

Samson Manufacturing unveils its Evolution Series of AR free-float handguards. Utilizing the standard OEM AR barrel nut, this handguard also incorporates a thermal bushing that keeps the tube rigid and provides a heat sink. Lengths range from 4 to 15 inches. Added features include heli-coil inserts in the tensioning clamp to prevent the devices Allen screws from stripping out when mounting. It has an 1.8-inch outside diameter, and a 1.56-inch inside diameter, which allows the housing of a sound suppressor within. The outside dimensions have an ergonomic 17 faces, as well as “S” shaped cutouts that provide excellent grip surfaces. Two 2-inch and 1 4-inch accessory rails are included, and they can be mounted at 45-, 90-, 180-degrees, etc. around the handguard. This unit is also 50% lighter than a quad-rail. This handguard can also be mounted from the rear on barrels that have the flash hider pinned and welded. Learn more at, or call 888-665-4370.


FAB Defense T-POD Forend Grip
FAB Defense unveils their T-POD forend grip. This device mounts below on a M1913 rail, and offers the added benefit of a quick deploying bipod. It is constructed from a durable polymer, and comes in two configurations. The first model is the TPOD G-2 PR that allows the bi-pod to rotate side to side, while the TPOD G-3 QR is the quick-release model. Retail price for the PR is $167, and the QR sells for $150. Find out more at


ARMS-72 EXT Heavy Recoil Optic Mounting System
Mounting Solutions Plus unveils the ARMS-72 EXT Heavy Recoil Optic Mounting System. This mount is designated for 5.56 NATO and 7.62 NATO applications, but will also withstand the recoil of a .50 BMG. This mount incorporates an adjustable tension mounting claws that are compatible with Picatinny top rails. It offers extra eye relief and comes in various configurations that allow you to choose optic mounting options that range from 15 MOA to 30 MOA. Learn more by checking them out online at or call 800-428-9394.


KonusPro Impact Riflescopes Make Their Debut
Snipers and sharpshooters will appreciate the KonusPro Impact line of riflescopes, which boast windage reference points and ballistic reticles for precise ranging to 550 yards.
The line features three models: 4-16×50, 3-9x40IR and 3-9×40. All three feature the ballistic reticle, one-piece tube construction, multi-coated optics, glass-engraved reticle, 1/4 MOA finger adjustments and much more. These scopes help remove guesswork from long-range shooting without relying on holdover scenarios. The engraved reticle technology also alleviates fears of blowing out the reticle. For more information, call 305-262-5668 or visit

nikonm223Nikon Introduces M-223 Laser IRT Scope
Nikon’s new M-223 Laser Immediate Ranging Technology Scope helps put shooters on range and on target within seconds without lifting their cheek from the rifle stock.
This 2.5-10×40 scope combines the speed and precision of a Nikon rangefinder with the accuracy potential of the M-223 riflescope and BDC 600 reticle. The M-223 IRT provides the equivalent horizontal range to the target, featuring one-touch laser technology that keeps ranging and displaying distances for 12 seconds with one push of the button. It also has an integral mount for Picatinny Rails. For more information, call 631-547-4200, or visit

leupoldmk8_1-8x24_cqbssLeupold Unveils Mark 8 CQBSS
Warfighters and tactical snipers can rapidly shift from close-quarters-combat distances out to 1,000 meters with Leupold’s versatile new Mark 8CQBSS tactical riflescope, the 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS. The Mark 8 CQBSS is designed for combat troops, but also makes a superior optic for competitive three-gun shooters and home-defense carbines. The Horus Vision H27 reticle is offered in CQBSS scopes produced for the military and law enforcement. Leupold’s new Marine-Tactical Milling Reticle (M-TMR) is also offered in the CQBSS version for civilian shooting enthusiasts.The CQBBS has been submersion-tested under 66 feet of water, and is waterproof and fogproof. For more information, call 1-800-LEUPOLD (Option 4), or visit

steiner3x12-50mmSteiner Launches Line of Military Riflescopes

Steiner worked closely with Special Forces and international weapons experts to design and develop its new Military Riflescopes, which include five models to meet an array of tactical needs and applications. Included in this new lineup is the 3-12x50mm scope, which features a rugged 34mm tube, world-class Steiner optics, and specially designed G2 Mil Dot reticles. The scopes offer 19.5 mils of elevation and 5 mils of windage adjustment; a specially designed illuminated, front focal plane G2 Mil Dot reticle; and side-mounted parallax/focus adjustment. Its fully multi-coated optics increase contrast and edge-to-edge clarity for maximum visual acuity. Like all Steiner optics, they are waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. The 3X12-50mm also features a lower mounting height, making it a good choice for police squad rifles or AR-style platforms. For  more information, call 970-356-1670, or visit

Pentax Debuts World’s First Electronic Riflescope

Pentax’s new Ultimate Zoom Riflescope features a built-in battery-powered, low-noise zooming motor that’s activated with one touch of a button. Tactical shooters can now automatically zoom within a full range of 3-15X without removing their grip on the rifle or shifting their focus from the eyepiece. The Ultimate Zoom features durable, seamless 1-piece tube construction and fully multi-coated optics with PentaxBright technology for outstanding sharpness and clarity. It also features a 30mm tube for optimum strength and adjustment range, and a 50mm adjustable objective for parallax correction from infinity to as close as 10 yards. As with all Pentax riflescopes, the Ultimate Zoom carries the company’s lifetime warranty. For more information, call 303-728-0224, or visit


Remington LTL Grenade Launcher
Remington Military will soon be offering a 40mm single shot launcher named the LTL or Less-Than-Lethal Grenade Launcher.  Although the market at the onset is the military, the break-top 40mm has direct applications to law enforcement in the less-lethal category.  The launcher has rail systems on the top as well as on both sides of the forearm for the applications of lights, lasers and more.  Seen featured with the EOTech grenade launcher holographic sight a standard red-dot could be mounted for easier shooting while wearing a gas mask in a LE chemical munitions situation.  The launcher is in final stage testing now and should be available this quarter.  Remington Law Enforcement sales are at with a phone number of 336-548-8899.

Security Equipment Corporation Sabre Red Sprays
New from Security Equipment Corporation, manufacturers of the Sabre Red line of chemical irritant sprays, are several products for the ladies. SEC reports that female users of the products wanted smaller spray canisters to reduce bulk and weight.  With that in mind, Sabre Red products are now available in a ¾-ounce Pink Lipstick container. It may be small but it still packs a wallop that we’ve come to expect from the Sabre Red product line. Also added to the Sabre Red line is a “Duathlete” pepper spray. The 1.8 ounce container comes complete with an arm band carrier featuring hook and pile material and was designed for joggers, bicyclists or other recreational athletes who want to protect themselves, need their hands free, but whose attire prevents pocket carry. Great design from the folks at SEC, their web address is or give them a call at 800-325-9568.

Safariland eXact iMpact
The fine folks at Safariland displayed new extended range 40mm kinetic energy munitions which will be available for their eXact iMpact line of Direct Impact less-lethal rounds.  The extended range rounds are accurate out to 70 meters according to Safariland with a minimum safe distance of 35 meters.  Designed for extended range applications like corrections personnel staffing guard towers over a prison yard, these rounds can be direct fired and can carry OC or CS payloads or just impact munitions.  Available through Safariland’s Defense Technology line, you can learn more on the web from Their toll-free customer care number is 800-347-1200.


Raytheon ELCAN
A new product offered by Elcan Optical Technologies of particular interest to military and police is their Specter OS-4 rifle scope. The OS-4 is a 4x scope with an internal red dot or reticle.  The dot has a setting for night vision, and the reticle, ballistic compensation patterns. The scope is made specifically with either 5.56mm reticle, or 7.62. Elcan also has Specter models which instantly switch from either 1x magnification to 4x, or from 1.5x to 6x, with the flick of a lever. The reticle/dots are battery powered with a life of 300 hours at max brightness. Interestingly, the scopes are configured so that they can accept optic fiber collectors if desired.  Mounts are of a quick release throw-lever design.  Retail is $1199. For more information, please visit, or call 902-454-6384.

VLTOR Modstock/SCAR Handguards

Some of the hottest new items from VLTOR are their M1A stock/handguard rail system, known as “Modstock” as well as their SCAR handguard rail system with extended handguard for FNH’s SCAR rifle.  Besides a continuous Picatinny rail from rear to front sight, the unit has numerous slots in the handguard tube for mounting Picatinny rails. The system also includes a buttstock adaptor which allows for the addition of a conventional AR15/M16 buttstock, be it telescoping or otherwise. No price is yet available for the SCAR handguard/ buttstock units, nor is a release date set. The M1A Modstock is currently available and being used by Springfield Armory on their SOCOM rifles. Retail is $514. For more information, please visit, or call 520-408-1944.


GG&G QD Sling Attachment
GG&G has unveiled their Receiver End-Plate and QD sling attachment for AR15/M16 platform rifles with a new swivel design which they claim will help single and dual-point tactical slings to drape perfectly off of the shooter’s body. The swivel design is called the Angular QD Sling Swivel.  The swivels retail for $15.50 for the rear unit, and $39.95 for both front and rear. Available now from GG&G. For more information, please visit, or call 800-380-2540.
Troy Industries
Troy Industries debuted a number of interesting items, including their new Alpha Rail for AR15s/M16s which provides a continuous picatinny rail from rear to front sight; in an innovative twist, Troy has incorporated the back-up-iron sights for the Alpha Rail in such a manner that sights may be folded down via a quick push-button into a recess in the rail itself.  The rail system uses a standard AR15 barrel nut, and the Alpha Rail is a free-float unit. Available in 7.6, and 13 inch units, the Alpha Rail retails for $200.00 and will be on the market in February 2011. Troy’s NAV-Buttstock is available now, and incorporates a Garmin GPS unit into the right side of the buttstock itself, so that the operator need not dismount the rifle to access it, but merely roll the rifle to the left.  Developed upon request of the military, the NAV-Buttstock retails for $325.00. Troy is in development with the military right now on a CAR14 lightweight stock for the M14 with a Troy Defense NAV folding buttstock, 12 inch barrel and their 7.62 Silencer.  The prototype was on display at the Troy booth. Lastly, Troy is developing for the military a mount for M4 rifles to be attached to robots currently in use in the field.  The CAR14 prototype rifle and robot mount was also displayed at Troy’s booth. For more information, please visit, or call 413-788-4288.


Sabre Defence LSR 50
Sabre Defence displayed their new LSR 50, a .50BMG Bull pup-style weapon which operates on gas impingement.  The weapon is much smaller than most of its type and will lend itself well to vehicle entry and exit.  Weighing in at just under 18 pounds, the LSR 50 has an 18 inch barrel, an adjustable gas system for compatibility with silencers, and proprietary magazines.  Due to the efficiency of its muzzle brake, it may be shoulder fired, or from its integral bipod. It will ship in a hard case with two magazines.  Retailing at $6500, it will be available by July to October of 2011. For more information, please visit, or call 615-333-0077.

Tactical Bottle Opener and Sling Mount
J&T Distributing unveil their Tactical Bottle Opener and Sling Mount. This device mounts to a user-designated position anywhere on a Picatinny rail to provide a solid ring for mounting a sling. On the other end of this handy accessory is a curved lip that can be used as a pry lever. Conveniently, it provides more-than-adequate leverage to pop the top on your favorite cold beverage at the end of a day’s shooting. The MSRP is $14.99, and you can learn more at, or call 888-736-7725.

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