Adams Arms Carbine Tactical EVO Adams Arms is now offering complete .223 Rem./5.56 NATO AR rifles using their adjustable short stroke gas piston system for continued operation even with heavy fouling, a variety of ammunition of with a mounted suppressor. Of the many new rifles the Carbine Tactical EVO caught our attention. This rifle features a 16 inch 4150 Chrome Molly melonite coated barrel with a Mils-Spec 1 in 7 twist rate and a Samson free-floated lightweight handguard, which allows for the operator to add rails where desired. A collapsible VLTOR buttstock and rubberized Ergo grip rounds out the package. Visit or call 727-853-0550 for more info. micor-defense-416 Micor Defense Inc. Leader 50 Who needs a rimfire when you can get a tactical CQB room-clearing bullpup .50 caliber semi-auto rifle like the new Leader 50 from Micor Defense Inc. At 17 pounds the Leader 50 is comparably lightweight and thanks to its design it is well balanced and easy to handle, yet maintains a 24-inch chrome vanadium Mil-Spec barrel and a 39-inch overall length. The massive muzzle break soaks up the recoil to a .30-06 levels, reportedly. The ten-round magazine feeds the short-stroke gas piston system for reliable functioning in adverse conditions and the full-length top Picatinny rail makes for easy optics mounting plus a dustcover keep dirt and debris out of the action. Contact or call 256-560-0770 for more info. seekins-precision-x Seekins Precision SBR Out of Lewiston, ID, Seekins Precision has come up with a new short-barreled AR rifle that allows for a full-length handguard over a removable suppressor. Available in .223 Wylde (which splits the difference between .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO) and .300AAC Blackout the rifle has all ambidextrous controls, Magpul furniture, and an extremely distinctive forged aluminum billet upper and lower receiver. Seekins’ custom upper receiver is uniquely designed to achieve monolothic upper performance. Their barrels also feature rear fins cut to dissipate heat more effectively and the free-floated handguard allows for easy rail attachment.  Visit or call 208-743-3400 for more info. franklin-armory-xo-26b Franklin Armory XO-26b AR It is not a rifle and it is not a pistol but it is sure pretty cool. The Franklin Armory XO-26b AR gun looks like a long AR pistol with a buffer tube and no stock but thanks to its overall length of just over 26 inches the company can add a forward vertical grip for added stability and control and it is not a restricted firearm requiring any more federal paperwork than for any pistol. This gun is available in a wide array of calibers from .223 Remington to .450 and including 7.62×39. It features an 11.5-inch chrome molly barrel with a 1-in-7 twist rate, Magpul furniture, padded buffer tube, weighs six pounds and comes with a tactical soft-sided case. Visit or call 408-779-7560 for more information. fd-defense-fd308 F&D Defense Looking for a different AR rifle? F&D Defense is now offering their precision tactical rifle as one of the very few available adjustable gas piston operated .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO AR rifles. The gas piston uses a FAL based design for reliability and there is no rear charging handle or right side forward assist. The rifle instead uses a non-reciprocating left side charging handle that also serves as a forward assist. The 416 stainless steel Lilja precision match barrel is free-floated and available in 17- and 21-inch lengths and F&D adds Magpul furniture and a Geissele trigger. Visit or call 512-745-6482 for more information. wileyx Wiley X Valor Black Ops Sunglasses Among the hottest new items from Wiley X is their Black Ops Version sunglasses from their Valor series. The Valor Black Ops sunglasses are ballistic-rated and have a black, subdued finish with smoked lenses; a Shooter’s version includes a 3-lens package in smoked, clear, and light rust lenses. Retail is $95.00. For more information, please visit, or call 800.776.7842. blackheart Blackheart SOPMOD AK-47 The Blackheart SOPMOD AK-47 represents the most updated of AK-47 rifles, one of the most successful battle rifle designs in history. Using the SAIGA AK as a base, BHI modifies the weapon as a semi-auto version for civilians, and a select-fire version for Military & Police. The SOPMOD utilizes a SureFire FH 762K-AK suppressor adaptor, a folding, collapsible CTR stock from Magpul, as well as the same firm’s Angled Foregrip, and a modified, thumb-operated safety. The civilian model will retail for about $1,900 and the select-fire M&P for about $2,400. For more information, please visit, or call 877-244-8166. flashbang Looper Brand “Flashbang” Holster The newest line of holsters from Looper Law Enforcement has proven to be extremely popular among women customers. Bart Looper tells us sales have largely eclipsed those of the rest of their line. Designed by a woman for women, Lisa Looper came up with a concept, which doesn’t require a change in a woman’s wardrobe, wear a gun belt, or carry off-body in a purse. Impossible to detect visually, the “Flashbang” model is a thermo-plastic molded holster, which attaches to the middle of the bra and carries the gun horizontally along the bottom of the bust. All that is needed to conceal it is a shirt or blouse. The Flashbang is just one model in the line of “Pin-Up” holsters, which include the Betty, Marilyn, Annie O, and Sophia models, all of which are generally more traditional modes of concealed carry. For more information, please visit serbu Safety Harbor Firearms KEG-12 SHF has been offering the KEG-12 (Kompact Entry Gun) shotgun for several years. The KEG-12 is manufactured using a Mossberg or Remington receiver and is available in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths. For 2012, the company has introduced a 7.25-inch barrel Model 870 shotgun with a magazine extension and a Royal Arms muzzle brake. The magazine extension gives the KEG a three and one capacity while the muzzle brake tames the recoil and acts as a stand-off device for dynamic entries. A front folding pistol grip provides standard on all models. The KEG-12 is classified as an Any Other Weapon and requires a $5.00 tax stamp. Also new for 2012 is a .410 version of the KEG that is based on a Mossberg. Get more information at kel-tec-ksg-tactical Kel Tec KSG-Tactical At the 2011 SHOT Show, Kel Tec introduced the KSG (Kel Tech Shotgun) that raised the bar. The KSG is a bull-pup, pump action shotgun that features twin tube magazines. The 18-inch version is a mere 26 inches in length and holds a total of 13 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition. At this year’s show, the company previewed the new KSG-Tactical model, with a 13.7-inch barrel, an overall length of just 21.4 inches, and a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. A forward pistol grip provide for a positive purchase on the pump forend and also acts as a hand guard. A short Picatinny style accessory rail is mounted on top of the barrel should the user desire to run a mini-red dot sight such as the Aimpoint Micro T-1. See the more photos and information at gemtech-tundra Gemtech Tundra-SV Gemtech introduced a compact version of their popular Tundra suppressor called the Tundra-SV. The SV is only 6.5 inches in overall length yet still provides excellent signature reduction. Following the trend, the SV is user-serviceable with a titanium blast baffle and a high-grade aluminum baffle stack. The SV accepts Gemtech’s Multi-Mount family of rear adapters. Simple by changing the adaptor, the Tundra SV can utilize Gemtech’s 3-lug quick disconnect system, a threaded barrel, or the UZI SMG adapter. While designed for the 9mm cartridge, the Tundra is very effective when used in conjunction with the subsonic 300 BLACKOUT cartridge. Look for a complete review on the Tundra SV in the future. Check out Gemtech’s complete line of suppressors at daniel-defense-mk18 Daniel Defense MK18 SBR Daniel Defense is best known for their MK18 Rail Integrated System (RIS) that has been the standard issue for USSOCOM for several years. The MK18 rail is thinner and lighter than other rails making it ideal for the special operations community. Daniel Defense manufacturers a complete MK18 SBR with a 10.3-inch, cold hammer-forged barrel that is the equivalent to the SOCOM rifle that is available to the commercial market in flat dark earth or black. The company is also offering a series of law enforcement packages that include a complete rifle with six magazines, a red dot optic, and a case. For those that are not satisfied with the standard offerings, the custom shop will build a rifle to the customer’s specifications. The new “Build-A-Gun” web site will allow the customer to select the individual components and build a visual representation of the rifle. Finally, DD is offering their line of rifles in the ever popular 300 BLACKOUT cartridge. To see all of this, and more, visit pnw PNW Arms 300 BLACKOUT PNW Arms is a relative new comer to the commercial ammunition market. However, they have quickly become the second largest producer of 300 BLACKOUT ammunition. Based on extensive testing, the company is developing loads that allow the 300 BLACKOUT to be even more versatile. The company reports that, using a 16” Noveske carbine, their improved 155-grain OTM consistently produced ¾ MOA groups at 100-yards. Given the popularity of the 220-grain subsonic loads, the company is developing a solid copper defense load, a “ball” training load that mirrors the performance and ballistics of the defensive load, and a “frangible” round where reduced penetration is required. Additional information on the complete line of PNW ammunition can be found at beretta-m9a1-compact Beretta M9A1 Compact This Beretta, which should be available about mid-year, is based on the Model 92 FS and has what they call an Inox finish—basically a stainless steel slide and barrel mated with an aluminum alloy frame. It will be the first compact Beretta with a Picatinny rail integral to the frame. The barrel is 3.9 inches with a correspondingly compact OA length and shortened grip frame for better concealment. The M9A1 Compact will be first offered in 9mm with a 13+1 capacity, each gun will come with two 13-round magazines, and the edges of the magazine well are beveled. The front and backstraps of the grip frame will be checkered and 3-dot fixed sights are standard equipment. It has the standard SA/DA trigger, along with a manual safety and de-cocker. At this time the MSRP on this pistol has not been fixed. It is so new that it’s not on, but you might be able to get information by calling 800-636-3420. cz-p-07-duty-od-green CZ P-07 Duty 2012 Two new variations of the CZ P-07 Duty are being introduced this year; one will have an OD green colored polymer frame, the other variant will have a black finish, but will be “suppressor ready” with a threaded barrel and high front and rear sights that will clear a 1-inch diameter “can.” Although called the Duty, with its 3.8-inch barrel the CZ P-07 is also compact enough for off-duty or plainclothes and concealed carry. It can also be used in low light as it has an accessory rail for mounting a tactical light or laser sight. The lack of grip panels on the polymer grip frame allow for a flush-fitting magazine with the same cartridge capacity as full-size CZ pistols (16+1 9mm, 12+1 .40 S&W). The most innovative feature of the P-07 Duty is the new Omega trigger system. This mechanism simplifies the CZ 75 trigger system and provides increased versatility the shooter. The Omega system allows users to choose between operating the handgun with a de-cocking lever (installed) or a manual safety (included) by a simple parts change. Each gun will come with two magazines and fixed sights; guns should be available by April 2012. For additional information go to or call 800-955-4486. sig-p250-sub-compact-380-nitron SIG Sauer P250 Nitron .380 The P250 Sub-compact in .380ACP has the same unique features of the P250 line that enables the shooter to quickly remove the functional mechanism and place it into the polymer grip of his/her choice. This allows an immediate change in caliber and size (subcompact, compact and full) and after any change the pistol still delivers outstanding accuracy and reliable functionality. Its modularity not only provides incredible ease of maintenance, but also provides a solution for accommodating different hand sizes – there are 6 different ergonomic combinations for each size, accomplished by changes in grip circumference and trigger style. This new .380 offers 12+1 capacity in a flush-fit magazine and an extended 15-round magazine is optional. Modern ammunition has made the .380 ACP a popular choice for self-defense and the P250 will meet any requirement from LE duty to competition, and practice to concealed carry. I have been told that the first shipment went to the SIG Academy where new shooters will start with the relatively mild .380 and once marksmanship skills are mastered, the gun can be converted to a more powerful cartridge. This compact steel and polymer pistol has a 3.6-inch barrel and is 6.7 inches in OA length, 4.7 inches in height and weighs 24.9 ounces with an empty magazine. It is DAO with a flush hammer and has SIGLITE night sights. To find out more call 603-772-2302 or go to sphinx-sdp-compact-9mm Sphinx SDP Compact Mid-sized pistols seem to be growing in popularity and so it is with the next generation of duty handguns from Sphinx Arms. This all-black pistol with a traditional DA/SA trigger has an ambidextrous safety/de-cocker and magazine catch and has a unique frame with the upper portion mating with the slide constructed of aluminum alloy, while the lower grip frame portion is polymer. The alloy frame “upper” also has a MIL-STD 1913 rail for lights or lasers, plus machined, full-length guide rails and a recoil buffering system. The polymer grip has soft and hard components for a comfortable hold; precise fit is obtained with 3 interchangeable backstraps in S, M, L. The Sphinx slide is made of machined steel, with a TiAIN corrosion-resistant coating. Another exclusive feature is DEFIANCE sights; the front sight has both tritium and green fiber-optic properties for day-night use. In conjunction with a red tritium 2-dot rear sight you get accurate targeting in all environmental and light conditions. The P-07 Duty has a 3.7-inch barrel, OA length of 7.4 inches, a height of 5.5 inches and an empty weight of 27.5 ounces; cartridge capacity is 15+1 9 mm cartridges. Questions can be answered at 757-821-1089 or visit taurus-24-7-g2-9mm-ss Taurus PT 24/7 G2 Stainless The new 24/7 G2 is the culmination of the experience of firearms designers and combines the best features from the Taurus 800 Series, 24/7 Series and 24/7 OSS, allowing the 24/7 G2 to offer the best of all worlds. Features include a trigger action with “Strike Two” capability for incredible reliability, contoured thumb rests, a new trigger safety and balanced spring pressure for extraordinarily fast shooting. The G2 is available in 9mm, .40 cal. and .45 ACP, with Taurus‘ advanced DA/SA trigger system. It has a matte finished stainless steel slide and black polymer frame with integral grips and a Picatinney rail. In 9mm it has a 17+1 capacity with a barrel length is 4.2 inches, an OA length of 7.28 inches and an empty weight of 28 ounces. The low profile rear sight is adjustable and the front sight is mounted in a dovetail. The standard model has an ambi-thumb safety/de-cocker, magazine release and a loaded chamber indicator. Three sizes of interchangeable backstraps provide correct individual fit. To find out more call 800-251-0254 or visit acr-resqlink ACR Electronics Introduces World’s Smallest PLB ACR Electronics introduces the ResQLink, the world’s smallest 406 MHz personal locator beacon (PLB). The ResQLink is a standard PLB and the ResQLink+ is the floatable version. Both are small and light enough to hold comfortably in one had, yet powerful enough to guide rescuers with 100 yards or less of the user’s position. These units measure 3.9 inches tall and weigh 4.6 ounces. They combine ease of use and ACR technology to give pilots, commandos, boaters and outdoors enthusiasts a powerful, accurate safety companion that’s ready for action with one push of a button. With three levels of integrated signal technology—GPS positioning, powerful 406 MHz signal, and 121.5 MHz homing capability—the ResQLink employs a reusable antenna to quickly and accurately relay your emergency position to the Cospas-Sarsat International worldwide network of rescue satellites. For more information call 954-862-2147 or visit simsassaultpack LimbSaver Debuts AR/M4 Assault Combo Pack New from Sims Vibration Laboratories is the LimbSaver AR/M4 Assault combo pack, which delivers stay-put mounting, greater accuracy and less felt-recoil. The pack includes LimbSaver’s AR/M4 Snap-On Recoil Pad, which incorporates the company’s famous patented recoil pad technology; a Pro Handgun Grip, which is designed to reduce recoil and provide maximum reduction of muzzle jump for smoother, more accurate shots; and the Sharpshooter X-Ring, which provides sub-minute angle groups with over-the-counter factory ammunition. For more information about the AR/M4 Assault Combo Pack and other leading technology from Sims Vibration Laboratories, call 877-257-2761 or visit riteintherainindex Rite In the Rain Debuts Tactical Index Card Wallet & Kit The Tactical Index Card Wallet & Kit from Rite in the Rain is designed specifically for Rite in the Rain tactical index cards so warfighters and tactical officers can easily write messages and take vital notes, no matter what the weather conditions. This kit, model number C991T is made of durable and tough Cordura fabric. Its cover includes 25 Rite in the Rain index cards, which measure 3-by-5 inches. The kit also includes 100 No. 991T index cards with a wallet cover and a No. 97 All-Weather pen. For more information about Rite in the Rain’s extensive product line for recording detailed information no matter the weather, call 253-922-5000, or visit ls-ridge-reaper-jkt_1227579-340_f Under Armour Unveils Scent-Control Technology Under Armour, long known for its superior performance wear for warfighters and tactical officers, now introduces its revolutionary Zeolite-based UA scent-control technology when needed in surveillance and tactical operations. This innovative Zeolite-based scent-control system also employs silver anti-microbial that lasts 10 times longer than commonly used carbon-based technologies. It’s encased in the custom-engineered zeolite carrier, a synthetic lava superior to carbon, to create the ultimate odor-control material. Under Armour Scent Control not only captures more odor than traditional odor absorbers, but it lasts longer, maintaining 99 percent effectiveness after 50 washes. It’s available in apparel from base layers to outerwear. Also new for 2012 is Under Armour Scent Control Spray, which contains the same game-changing zeolite technology. It’s designed for use on all other gear worn into the field. For more information, call 410-246-5768 or visit bressertrailcam360 Bresser Unveils the First 360-Degree Game Camera The new 360º Digital Game Camera from Bresser is the company’s—as well as the world’s—second field-monitoring camera that detects and records all activity in a 360-degree radius around its location, day or night. The unit monitors its surroundings with four sets of motion sensors, and takes 5 megabyte photos or video with three independent infrared lenses. It can also be set to use a flash for photographing nighttime activities. In addition, it has a 1-second flash, 1-second response time, and a 2-inch LCD screen for viewing photos in the field. It’s fully programmable to take images from every minute to 30 minutes, and it stores its images on an SD card with up to 16 GB of space. For more information, call 888-599-7597, or visit vortex1-42012 Vortex Unleashes 1-4×24 Viper PST Riflescope Vortex Optics’ new Viper PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) 1-4×24 riflescope with a 30mm one-piece tube boasts features associated with top-tier riflescopes, yet a price tag below $1,000. Matching (mrad- or MOA-based) turrets and reticles make range calculations fast and accurate, and let shooters choose the subtensions. Select models are available in first or second focal-plane reticles. The target-style, O-ring sealed/waterproof turrets are easily accessible for quick adjustments when dialing elevation and windage. Clicks are firm, tactile and audible for positive confirmation. All lenses are fully multi-coated with Vortex’s antireflective XR coatings for superior light transmission and ultra bright images. Exterior lenses feature ArmorTek, an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant, oil- and salt-repellant coating. The scope’s tubes are precision-machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. For more information, call 800-426-0048, or visit carlzeissoptronicszf35-26x56 ZF 3.5-26×56 Packs Power, Flexibility into Small Size Carl Zeiss Optronics unveils the ZF 3.5-26×56, which offers an amazing 3.5X to 26X magnification range. The 3.5X starting magnification lets shooters use the sight at mid- and close ranges, while its high magnifications deliver reliable target identification. This telescopic sight features an ultra-short design so it can use night sights and infrared attachments. Its front lens diameter measures 56mm, as snipers often require. Its adjustment range offers 360 clicks on the elevation turret, allowing snipers to hit their targets at extreme distances. The ZF 3.5-26×56 also features a diopter and parallax compensation for image focusing. Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH is the defense and security division of Carl Zeiss AG. It offers optical and optronic equipment for all military capability categories, such as intelligence and reconnaissance, command and control, survival and protection, and mobility and maneuverability. For more information call 800-441-3005, or visit leapersscp-t4cdqscope Leapers Debuts UTG Prism Tactical 4X CQB Scope The new SCP-T4CDQ tactical SWAT scope from Leapers features compact size and an advanced optic system with a multi-emerald coated prism lens for sharp clarity in close-quarters combat situations. The scope is equipped with innovative zero lockable, resettable target turrets, SWAT RGB illumination with flexible brightness, and instant target aiming (ITA) technology. Its circle dot reticle (CDR) is etched into the glass for mission-critical CQB applications. This scope is built on a true-strength platform, and is completely sealed and nitrogen-filled for shockproof, fogproof and rainproof performance. It also features an integral one-piece QD mount with a quick-detach level-lock. For more information, call 734-542-1500, or visit mepro-mor-two-lasers-150-dpi Meprolight Unveils MEPRO MOR Tri-Powered Reflex Sight Meprolight Optical has increased its stock of sights for tactical weapons to meet a growing demand in the U.S. market. The new Mepro MOR is an all-in-one electro-optical sight, with a reticle that’s zeroed simultaneously using one zero system. Its Illumination is powered by ambient light during daylight, by tritium during darkness, and by battery power when needed to overcome difficult lighting situations. It includes built-in visible and IR laser designators. Both lasers and the products are available from the Mako Group, and meet the needs of the military, Special Forces units, law-enforcement agencies, SWAT teams, security organizations, and civilian weapons enthusiasts. Meprolight Optical Sights are standard issue for the Israeli Defense Forces. For more information contact Meprolight at 646-827-1194 or visit bresserscope2012 Trueview Konig Adds 1-4X Riflescope to Lineup New to Bresser’s diverse lineup of Trueview Konig riflescopes for AR15 and police/military rifles is the 1-4×24 model, which is ideal for close-quarters combat or mid-range precision sniping. All Trueview Konig riflescopes are built with a one-piece aluminum body, fitted with fully multi-coated lenses, and finished with a hard anodized coating. Their illuminated reticle dot features selectable brightness, and each riflescope comes with a set of 30mm rings. The field of view for the 1-4×24 Konig at 100 yards is 100.5 feet at 1X, and 15.3 feet at 4X. For more information, call 888-599-7597, or visit dsa DSA RPD Carbine DSA took the Soviet-designed RPD machine gun chambered in 7.62×39 and tweaked it with their own improvements to modernize the weapon. They’ve adapted it to accept any M16-style adjustable stock, designed their own rail handguard and foregrip, and fluted and shortened the barrel to 17.5 inches in their “carbine” version, with an updated flash hider. Furniture has been upgraded to synthetic. The RPD has a cyclic rate of 650 RPM, and the DSA carbine version has been shortened by 6 inches and lightened by 3 pounds compared to the original. The weapon will soon be available in 6.8 Rem SPC. For more information, please visit, or call 847-277-7258. keltec-bullpup Kel Tec RFB Bullpup A new item from the folks at Kel Tec is their 24-inch heavy profile barreled RFB. (Rifle, Forward Ejecting Bullpup) The concept was to give hunters already familiar with the ballistics of a 24-inch barrel the same effects in a more compact weapon, with the RFB’s forward ejection, ambidextrous controls, top Picatinny rail, chrome-lined chamber and bore, and adjustable short-stroke gas system. Barrels are threaded for a number of muzzle devices. The RFB is fed with cheap and plentiful FAL magazines, and ships with a 20-round mag. The RFB is expected to be available by the second quarter of 2012, with a projected retail of approx. $2,130.00. For more information, please visit, or call 321-631-0068. atn ATN THOR640 Weapon Scope ATN has brought weapons thermal imagers to their zenith, and their newest offering is their THOR640 Weapon Scope, which boasts digital resolution of 640×480 at a relatively low price point of about $5,500. ATN has lowered the cost to the end user by handling the internals in-house, and due to the fact they are building and selling in much more quantity now than ever. The THOR640 has 4 reticle patterns in a number of colors, detection at a much longer distance than with night vision, a runtime of 8 hours from (3) 3-volt lithium batteries and 60 frames per second, (An industry first) with an overall weight of just under 1.5 pounds, all in a waterproof full aluminum body and mil-spec optics. ATN’s biggest customer base for these scopes have been military and police, and a good number of hog hunters. The THOR640 is currently available. For more information, visit or call 800-910-2862. peak-beam Peak Beam Systems Corp. Maxa Beam Peak Beam Systems Corporation’s bestseller is their Maxa Beam Searchlight. The Maxa Beam is designed as a crew-served weapon light. Weighing in at 4 pounds, at 11.5 inches long, the xenon short-arc 12 million candlepower bulb is powered by the HumVees or ocean-going vessels they are typically mounted on, or, in the case of the hand-held version, 85 watt lithium iron phosphate batteries, and its beam has an adjustable focal diameter, and illuminates a target at two miles. There is also a strobing mode for enhanced disorienting effects. The Maxa Beam is currently in use by the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard in contacting suspected pirates, and by the US Army and Marine Corps at check points and security sweeps (the USMC is currently using the hand-held units). The heavy weapon version retails for about $6,000, the handheld $2,500. For more information, please visit or call 610-353-8505. smith Smith Enterprise Inc. EBR Package M14 The EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) M14 from Smith Enterprise Inc. is designed as a sniper rifle or scout/sniper weapon. Based upon the Smith Enterprise Inc. M14 rifle, the EBR mounts a Sage International stock adjustable for length of pull and cheek riser height; Smith Enterprise’s own bipod, Vortex flash hider and MDL Wind-Talker suppressor are also used. The Wind Talker is a quick-detach unit that can also be broken down without tools for cleaning. Overall weight is 12-13 pounds. The rifle is currently available and sells for about $5500.00. The Smith family has been in the ordnance business since 1910. For more information, please visit, or call 480-964-1818. fb-aks FB AK-47 Style Weapons FB (Fabryka Broni) of Radom, Poland, has been in the business of manufacturing AK-47 type rifle variants in 5.56mm for the Polish military. Recent efforts have been made to market and sell FB’s products in the U.S., and FB is currently working to partner with I.O. Corporation of Monroe, NC, as their American assembly plant and distributor. The plan is to begin with two main weapons, the Mini Archer pistol, and the Mini-Beryl Sub Carbine, with the pistols and carbines to be manufactured in Poland and the carbines assembled by I.O. Corp. in the U.S. The FB line are chambered in 5.56mm, but most interesting are a number of innovations that FB has created for these weapons. With regard to the Mini-Beryl Sub Carbine, the weapon is equipped with a collapsible buttstock, which can be instantly detached from the receiver; a sling adaptor can be attached in its place for a more concealable package. A safety with a knurled, extended pad allows for quick disengagement with the trigger finger without altering the shooting grip. A rear peep sight is available; the peep flips down, much like that of an AR15, to rotate a notched sight up into position with a tritium dot on either side. A quick-removable Picatinny rail pivots at the front sight while leaving the sight intact, and secures to the rear of the upper receiver for the attachment of optics. An ambi mag release is operated by the index finger on the right side, and thumb on the left. Lastly, a 5.56 magazine adaptor fixes to the top of standard AR15 magazines to allow them to readily snap into the magazine well of the Archer or Mini-Beryl; these work best with Magpul Pmags, and the original steel AR-15 magazines. Availability in the U.S. is not yet firm, but FB hopes this will be during the 2012 calendar year. For more information, please visit, or call +48 48 380 31 00


Dan Wesson ECO
There has never been a higher demand for self-defense handguns than there is today. The greatest demand is for the smallest, lightest gun available, but this has drawbacks. Generally these guns are difficult to shoot well, lack stopping power and recoil can be a problem. Dan Wesson has developed its newest compact semi-auto to provide the smallest, lightest gun that can be made without sacrificing accuracy, dependability and stopping power. The new Dan Wesson ECO is a true single stack officer size 1911 weighing in at only 25 ounces. The ECO design makes use of the latest technology in construction. This gun wears Tritium night sights with Dan Wesson tactical ledge rear sight of the lightweight 3.5-inch slide. The ECO barrel is a flush cut ramped bull barrel with target crown rather than the traditional barrel and barrel bushing. This makes the gun slightly more compact and easier to disassemble. The recoil system is quite unique for this style of 1911 with Dan Wesson using a solid one-piece guide rod and a flat recoil spring rated for 15,000 rounds in .45 ACP. This recoil system also gives the benefit of a smooth slide for easier operation and less felt recoil. Trigger pull, like all Dan Wesson 1911’s is short and crisp at around 4 pounds. The frame is anodized aluminum and features an under-cut trigger guard and 25 lpi checkering. The mainspring housing is also aluminum with 25 lpi checkering and a rounded bottom corner for easy concealment and shooting comfort. These features coupled with an Ed Brown high-ride grip safety and new slim line G10 grips help you hold onto the gun for faster follow up shots and recoil control. For more information visit


Sig Sauer P938 Puts 9mm power into a .380 P238-Sized Platform
Building a 9mm the size of a .380 has become the number one priority for many arms makers and Sig Sauer has raised the bar for 2012 with a 9mm that is barely 0.25 inches greater in length than its P238 model .380 ACP. With the introduction of the P938, Sig can now offer the ballistic advantage of the 9mm cartridge in a platform similar in size to most .380s autos. Based on the design of the P238, the new P938 uses a 1911-style single-action-only trigger, coupled with full-size Siglite night sights. “As soon as the P238 was introduced, we began to see demand for a 9mm version,” said Ron Cohen, Sig Sauer President and Chief Executive Officer. “We wanted to maintain the P238 accuracy and reliability, while providing the extra punch of the larger caliber.” With dimensions just slightly larger than its .380ACP counterpart, the P938 packs 6+1 rounds of 9mm into an all-metal frame. The cocked-and-locked single-action trigger gives the P938 unmatched accuracy in a pistol its size. Fans of the 1911 will find the thumb safety, magazine release and slide stop lever in familiar places. An ambidextrous safety makes the P938 easy for left- and right-handed shooters. An extended seven-round magazine will be available separately. The most compact 9mm in the Sig Sauer product line, the P938 will be available in five configurations, Rosewood with a Nitron-coated stainless steel slide over a dark hard anodized alloy frame, Blackwood, with a natural stainless steel slide and black hard coat anodized alloy frame are paired with Hogue Blackwood grips, Extreme, with a Nitron-coated stainless slide and black anodized frame and Hogue G-10 Piranha grips in black and grey, the SAS “Anti-Snag treatment” which removes all sharp edges and corners on the slide and frame. A natural stainless steel slide contrasts with the black hard coat anodized alloy frame and the stippled walnut grips. Last is the Equinox with a polished Nitron two-tone slide paired with a black hard coat anodized frame, Tru-Glo front and Siglite rear sights and Hogue black Diamondwood grips. For more information visit or find Sig on Facebook at


Cimarron F.A. Co. Old West 1911s
For 2012 Cimarron F.A. Co. has expanded its line of 1911 Models to include high polish blue and nickel plated versions. More upscale and classic is their styling than the standard Parkerized models introduced in 2011, the new deluxe blued and nickel .45 autos have the look and feel of the original Government models of the early 20th century. Cimarron will also offer a very limited number of hand-engraved and nickel plated versions in three variations with 50% coverage, 70% coverage and 100% coverage, all as special order guns with price on request. The standard deluxe blue and nickel guns sell for $768 and are traditional Government models with uncheckered flat mainspring housing and lanyard ring, correct early style trigger, hammer and sights. The only alteration is the use of a 1911A1-style thumb safety. This is essentially the next generation of Colt military arms carried by U.S. servicemen after the legendary Colt Single Action revolver of the 19th century. For more information visit or call 877-sixgun1.


Three new Concealed Carry Rigs from Gene DeSantis
DeSantis is one of the leading makers of law enforcement and under cover holsters for all makes and models of service revolvers, semi-autos, subcompacts, and ultra-compacts. The latest from the famed New York holster maker are the Pocket Shot Style 110, which allows a small .380 Auto to be carried in a self-contained rig that allows the gun to be drawn and fired without removing it from the holster. The pistol is inserted from the top and held in place by the friction fit of the leather. A finger grip hole allows a secure hold and the open triggerguard is easily accessed to discharge the firearm. Priced from$39.95. The Mad Max Style 112 (shown) is a new tuckable IWB constructed of premium saddle leather. It comes complete with both 1.75-inch belt loops and tuckabkle injection molded J-clips. A reinforced top aids in easy one-handed re-holstering. Optional tuckable injection molded C-clips are also available. Priced at $79.95. The new DeSantix Flex-Tuk Styke113 IWB rig provides greater versatility for carrying and 2-inch model J-Frame style revolver. The specially formed mouth provides effortless re-holstering and the adjustable C-clip allows holster angle to be custom tailored to the wearer’s preference. Priced at $59.95. Visit

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