Spending the day at the Sig Sauer Academy is a firearms instructor’s dream. The state-of-the-art training facility has everything you would ever need as an instructor. Just as importantly, the Pro Shop showcases most everything that Sig Sauer offers in the way of firearms. The staff is professional, incredibly well trained, and truly helpful. If you are in the area you should drop in—the “academy” discount is available to anyone purchasing on site.

Visiting the academy also gave me a chance to take a look at one of their newest pistols—the P227 .45 ACP.

The easiest way to think of the P227 is as a P220 with a 10-round double-stack magazine. For many, the P220 remains the quintessential .45 ACP pistol—especially for those using DA/SA pistols. Its accuracy, reliability and ergonomics are almost legendary. For several years it was my duty pistol, and it remains the first choice amongst many officers. Its only real limitation was the eight-round single-stack magazine. The P227 addresses capacity, along with a few other things necessary for a combat pistol.

Available in both full-size (4.25″) and compact (3.9″), it retains the outstanding ergonomics of the P220—including a high grip in relationship to the bore line. An aluminum frame keeps things as light as possible. The one-piece contoured grip and frontstrap are nicely stippled. An integrated light rail handles most pistol lights and lasers.

While holding the pistol, it seamlessly melts into my large hands. With the short set trigger, repeat shots should prove fast and accurate. The double-stack magazine not only adds capacity, but also eases with insertion under stress. Available with a DA/SA, DA/SA SRT, and Carry SAS trigger, it fits most any shooters preference. Designed to fit holsters for the P220R and P226R, it keeps gear requirements to a minimum.

If you are looking for a combat-ready .45 ACP pistol, the P227 just may be the perfect pistol for you!


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Spending the day at the Sig Sauer Academy is a firearms instructor's dream. The…