Don’t scoff: Some of the best-made shotguns on the market today are being built in Turkey. And it’s no wonder. As frequent Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement contributor Dave Bahde notes, “Turkey now boasts some of the most advanced machining in the world.” Bahde, just returned from a trip to Istanbul, had the opportunity to tour a Turkish armaments factory. Its manufacturing plant, he says, “rivals anything in this country.”
The proof, of course, is in the pudding; and one sample being dished up for 2013 is CZ-USA’s 612 HC-P pump action shotgun, a fast-handling, Turkish-made 12 gauge that Bahde, who reviewed the gun for October Guns & Weapons, calls “a great gun at a fantastic price.” Featuring a full-length, polymer, pistol-grip stock, easy-to-see glow fiber-optic sights and Picatinny top rail, the 5.2-pound 612 HC-P handles with a degree of ease belying its modest $349 price tag. The HC-P “balances well and points quickly—even with its 20-inch barrel,” Bahde writes. “The sights come up very fast and are easy to see in most lighting conditions.”
How does it shoot? Lt. Bahde, formerly of South Salt Lake, UT, SWAT, tested the HC-P with a variety of buckshot and slug rounds, firing from standing and as well as on the run. The results might shock you—or not, if you’re already personally familiar with what Turkish-made shotguns can offer. For the full report, check out the October 2013 issue of Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement, hitting newsstands July 16.

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Don’t scoff: Some of the best-made shotguns on the market today are being built…