While the industry is flooded with AR rifles these days, there are some high-quality alternatives, such as the Tavor SAR from Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI). Imported by IWI USA, the Tavor is basically the same rifle the Israeli Defense Forces have used for years. The Tavor SAR is essentially a semi-auto version of the TAR (Tavor Assault Rifle) and CTAR (Compact TAR). Removing the select-fire switch and adding 1.5 inches to the barrel (for a total of 16.5 inches) makes the SAR suitable for import and purchase by officers and civilians alike.


The Tavor is being imported in three basic configurations in two different colors (black and Flat Dark Earth). The flattop version utilizes a full-length top rail and is available with either a 16.5- or 18-inch barrel. The IDF model utilizes the shorter barrel and comes with a Mepro-21 reflex sight attached. All are semi-auto bullpup designs weighing right around 8 pounds. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the SAR utilizes AR-pattern magazines. Flip-up sights that fold flat into the rail also provide backup sighting capabilities. IWI also offers a left-handed version of the SAR.


Bullpup designs are not new by any means. They remain the choice of many of our NATO allies and can offer the same advantages to an officer or agency. Israeli-designed weapons are built for some of the harshest conditions on earth and they seldom fail to function. While the bullpup design’s operation takes some getting used to, they have proven themselves in combat around the world.


Take a few minutes and watch my short video of the Tavor SAR in action. Tested on a crisp, 15-degree day with a 20-mph wind, this rifle was run hard and fast in some pretty harsh conditions. Also keep an eye out for the upcoming full review in Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine and see if it matches up to its battle-proven brother. For more information, visit


Check out page two for video!

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