For many of us, not only is the venerable M1A system still viable, but it remains one of the most reliable semi-automatic .308 rifles on the planet. It has proven itself time and time again in real combat.

Is it old technology? You bet, but given that many of our best-trained warriors of the day still prefer it, there still must be something there. The same is certainly true for police officers. Many are in service today in police departments and state patrols all over the country.


It has a ton of advantages, but it can be a bit long and a bit heavy. It is also problematic to install scopes, sights and similar devices on it. There are some good stocks out there these days that address some of that, but often they do so by adding weight and sacrificing portability.

It looks like Juggernaut Tactical may have come up with the perfect solution. Their new Rogue stock, a bullpup design, is a new take on an old concept. The bullpup concept has always been sound—it has just suffered a bit in the final format. From the looks of it, Juggernaut may have come up with a sound product.


Please take a look at my short video and stay tuned for a complete test in a full feature review in a future issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine.


Billed as a “one stock does it all,” lets see if it really does. Can it truly operate in a CQB environment while still maintaining reliability and accuracy at long range? Does the bullpup design make it hard to operate? I put this stock through its paces and answer these questions and more, so come along and enjoy the ride!

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