Primary Weapons System’s new MK214 rifle is a piston driven AR type rifle in a sea of .308s (7.62 x 51). Having tested several of these the question was simple: does it work, and does it do so right out of the box? This particular rifle is designed for a different purpose. Although accuracy is important, it’s designed as a “door kicker gun.” In reality it’s set up as a patrol rifle or entry rifle for teams both military and law enforcement. It is not a marksman’s rifle, but a carbine in a battle rifle caliber.

Reliability is critical for any rifle, but especially for a rifle that was designed to take to work. Does the change in focus from pin hole accuracy deal with the reliability issues most of these types of rifles have? Just how accurate is it? Reliability is critical, but it must maintain practical battle accuracy…does it? Can it do that and still maintain sustained rapid fire?

How apparent is the recoil given the 14.5-inch barrel with the permanently attached flash hider. Is this rifle controllable in the heavier caliber? Does it balance well and how is it to carry in full gear?


This is a platform that special operations operators have been clamoring for years, and some agencies with the need for the increased firepower. Primary Weapons is know for meeting the needs of the operator and for a reasonable price. It will be fun to see if they did it again. Take a look at the full test of this rifle in an upcoming article in Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement.


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