With all of the AR-type rifles coming out in .308 caliber it is easy to forget that other platforms have been around for years. One of those is the venerable M1A, manufactured by Springfield Armory. This is easily the most battle proven .308 semi-auto in our military inventory and has served America with distinction for decades and a couple of wars. The question is, with the new models such as the SOCOM II, does it meet the needs of the 21st century SWAT or patrol officer?

One of the biggest issues with many .308 semiautomatic rifles is reliability. The M1A has proven reliable in every conceivable condition in its standard form — will it do so as a 16-inch version suitable for today’s operator? Can you attach the needed accessories in order to do the job? What about weight and overall feel? Is their ammunition that will not function? These and many other questions will be answered in an upcoming article in Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement. see how this old dog did in a new world.

The newest forend attaches strongly with no movement.

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With all of the AR-type rifles coming out in .308 caliber it is easy…